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I have to admit, there’s a lot of things that are hard to deal with as I age.  Having grandparents pass away and seeing my parents age has put a lot of stress and worry on me.  My parents did everything to give us the best life growing up and I want to do the same for my parents as they grow older. When Bay Alarm Medical reached out to partner on this post, I was very intrigued as it was something that I didn’t even know existed but the more I found out about the company, the more excited I was to get it installed for my parents and have it in their home. Even if we never have to use it, it’s the piece of mind that we all have which is what I think all of us needs.

Protecting my parents with Bay Alarm Medical Review

The Bay Medical Alarm is a system that you can install in your parent’s (or whatever family member you would like) house that has a simple way to call for help when it’s needed.  I filmed a short video reviewing what came in the box, how to install it and my general thoughts about it!

As I mention in the video, I really am so happy to have this service for my parents.  They are generally pretty healthy which I’m so thankful for, although we have had some health scares in the past few years and most recently my mom was on vacation and took a little tumble and broke her arm!  I was so worried for my mom and was thankful that my dad was there with her when it happened.  It just really shows that anything can happen and makes me want to protect them even more.

Installing the unit is so simple.  All you need is to plug it into the phone line and into a power outlet and you are good to go!  This is the base unit that needs to be plugged in.  I installed it in my parents family room where they spend most of their time.  It’s great that it’s big and the Help button is bright so it can not be missed.

The wireless wall button is so nice that it doesn’t need to be connected to anything.  You will want to place this in an area close to the ground so that it is easily reachable.  I decided to put it right by my parents stairs. They have two sets of stairs so I put it in the middle landing so that if anything were to happen if they were heading out the door or just coming in, they would be able to access it.

Obviously, we never know where an accident may occur, so the buttons may not be in a place where it may be easily accessible which is why it’s wonderful that Bay Alarm Medical also has these necklace and wrist band buttons that can be worn all the time.  They are even waterproof so can be worn in the bath or shower!  They are so lightweight so you don’t really feel them on and I think it’s a great option for both my parents to have this on when they are at home.

I’m so lucky in that I usually see my parents at least once a week but on the days that I’m not with them, I do worry about them a lot.  Knowing that they have Bay Alarm Medical in their home makes me feel so much better.  My dad still travels a lot for his business and so on the weeks where my mom is home by herself, it makes all of us feel a lot better that if anything were to happen, we have a much higher chance of being able to get to her quickly with this system.

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