Spring time essentials with Nad’s, Clear Eyes, Coobie and Bloom Mineral

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It’s that time to switch up  my beauty routine, pull out my cutest shorts and dresses and enjoy lots of outdoor time!  I love when the weather warms up, but I also need to make sure that I’m ready for the weather change.  I’ve partnered with Babble Boxx on this post to share some great products that will get me prepared for the spring and summer.

I love all the great products that they sent over!  Most of these brands are new to me so I was excited to test them out and let you know how I’m liking them.

When the weather starts to transition, I tend to feel it most in my eyes due to seasonal irritants. Thank goodness for some great eye drops like Clear Eyes.  They offer a full line of eye drops that moisturize for up to 12 hours.  I tried out the Multi Symptom Pure Relief and after testing it out, I can tell you that it really works! I tend to get very red, itchy and irritated eyes during the spring so having these eye drops is a life saver! It really relieves red eyes.  I just need to put them in the morning and it really helps throughout the day.  The bottle is a great size to keep in my purse so on the days where my eyes feel really irritated, it’s great to have them on hand to refresh my eyes.  Buy it HERE and get a $3 coupon HERE

One thing in my beauty routine that I could live without?  Shaving my legs.  I don’t know why but it’s the worst, I am always annoyed when I have to shave.  Well, I’m happy to have found an easier (and longer lasting) solution.  Nad’s!  If you don’t know what Nad’s is, it’s a hair removal cream and in 4 minutes, it painlessly removes all your hair on your legs!  I’ve had some irritation before from using other hair removal creams and so wasn’t sure how I would react to this one but because this is the Sensitive cream, it was a lot more gentle and my skin was fine!

I’m become a bralette convert in the past few months.  They are just so comfy and who can’t appreciate a comfy bra?  I love these Coobie bras, the cups are lined with a soft, thin nylon blend that provides comfortable coverage without the bulk. No pads or wires but it’s still really supportive.  I’ve found that it’s a great t shirt bra, especially on those days where you are just lounging around and just wanting to feel comfy all day.  I love this pretty color too! Sizing is really easy.  Just go by their size chart – Small (28A-32D), Medium (32A-34D), Large (36A-38D). It fit true to size for me.

I really loved this skincare set from Bloom Mineral.  It’s a natural skin care line using dead sea minerals to help refresh and clean your skin.  The set came with 1) Purifying Mud Mask 2) Shielding Eye Cream 3) Softening Cleansing Milk 4) Moisture Shield.  They all left my skin feeling very refreshed and moisturized! It’s so important to me to take care of my skin during the warmer months because of the increase in sun exposure and the dryness of my skin.  It’s simple to use and the size is great for travel.  Use code skin25 to get a discount on the site, it’s good through June 30.  Here’s an easy step by step of how to use the kit:

  • Clean your face using the Softening Cleansing Milk 
  • Shake the Mud Mask and apply generously to face, leave on for 15-20 mins and wash off (slight tingling is expected and will stop after treatment) 
  • Apply the Moisture shield and Eye Cream

Enjoy your weekend!  I’m so excited to head out and enjoy the sun!

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