Travel tip: Where to Find a Bathroom in NYC

Tiffany’s note: Crystal is back as the travel and beauty editor! She will be covering some fun topics especially about her travels this summer. So glad to have her back and hope you enjoy the posts!

Travel tip: Where to find free bathrooms in New York City

Today, we’re going to be talking about a little less glamorous of a topic: bathrooms. As someone who has a tiny bladder, traveling and exploring a new place means I’m always anxious about being able to find a bathroom. When I’m desperate, I’ll buy some coffee and use the coffee shop bathroom. But it quickly becomes an unpractical “fee,” when I’m searching for a bathroom every other hour.

In New York City, finding a bathroom as a tourist can seem especially impossible. Tiny shops (even coffee shops!) often don’t have bathrooms. Thankfully, I’ve been enough times now to know where to quickly access a bathroom without having to buy something. Check out my map below (and be sure to look at the notes for each pin) and save this story for quick access next time you’re in the city.

Other mentions:

Starbucks – dozens of locations throughout the city. Employees at this chain will never care if you need to use their bathroom without buying something. Expect long lines though.

Department stores – You might get a bit lost trying to find the bathroom, but department stores are guaranteed to have at least one.

Bars – After 4pm enter any crowded bar and you’ll find a bathroom. There might be a long line and the bathroom may not be the cleanest, so reserve this option for emergencies.

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