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Where to Stay in Amsterdam Centrum: Hotel The Exchange

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Hotel the Exchange

I just came back from an amazing trip to Amsterdam and wanted to kick off my mini travel series about the city with my recommendations for where to stay. When I was in the initial planning stage for my trip, Amsterdam proper didn’t look that big on a map. After talking with my friend who lives there, it quickly became apparent that each neighborhood of the city had its own distinct personality, which made narrowing down the areas I wanted to stay in very difficult.

Hotel the Exchange Amsterdam

I couldn’t choose just one location and stick with it, so I picked a few. One of the first selections was Amsterdam Centrum, the innermost borough. Hotel The Exchange was the perfect fit, being only a 10 minute walk from Amsterdam Central station (the main bus/train/boat station) and right along a busy shopping street with all the high-fashion stores I wanted to check out.

Amsterdam Hotel the Exchange Photographs

While the location of Hotel The Exchange is perfect for shopping and easily connecting to the rest of Amsterdam via public transportation, the hotel’s focus on design was also a selling point. Each of the 61 rooms is unique and designed by either students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute or Dutch designers Studio INAMATT. The rooms are classified by star ratings (i.e. 1 to 5 star rooms), which mainly determine their size. I stayed in a 4 star room.

Hotel the Exchange Amsterdam Photos

Room 406’s main design centered on the yarn installation and felt very airy, clean and bright. The yarn texture actually reminded me of those huge arm-knit wool blankets that are all over Instagram (#hygge). I had an incredible view of the city street outside my window and amazing natural lighting (just take a look at the barely-edited photos for the proof!).

Hotel the Exchange Bathroom

The room had a bathroom with shower, safe, AC and luxurious King-size bed. There aren’t any bonus amenities, but the design of the room is really a bonus in itself. When we first checked into the hotel, we spent a good hour or so shooting photos. The pink-walled photo is actually a photo of the hotel’s staircase and very Insta-worthy.

Hotel the Exchange Photo

Hotel the Exchange Pink Staircase

The check-in and check-out process at Hotel The Exchange was hassle-free. The only logistical issue I encountered during my entire stay was that the entrance to the hotel was difficult to find. The door is discretely marked and reception is situated down a long, narrow corridor. My tip when you are looking for the property would be to look for Café STOCK, which is HotelThe Exchange’s café and has a more prominent street presence.

Hotel the Exchange Review

Lastly, I was able to take a look at a few of the other rooms at Hotel The Exchange. This 3 star one called the Crinoline Room was my favorite. The bed is encircled by a huge hoopskirt frame. I'd definitely recommend researching Hotel The Exchange before you go to try to request a specific room that you're interested in! With so many designs, you're bound to find one (or three).

Amsterdam Hotel the Exchange

Hotel the Exchange Amsterdam Review

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