5 pieces every mom needs her in her closet

Every stage that my daughter has been in has been fun, exciting and also hard.  The baby stage was quite possibly the hardest but every stage from then until now (she’s 3, almost 4) has been amazing but also tough in it’s own way.  One thing that I have found that with each stage, my wardrobe has had to change as well to accomodate the lifestyle changes.  I mean from having to worry about needing nursing friendly tops to now needing comfy yet stylish clothes that can take me from play dates to dinner.  And since time is also hard to manage with a little one, I’ve tried to streamline my closet a bit and I’ve narrowed down the 5 pieces every mom with young kids needs in her closet!


#1 A CARDIGAN YOU CAN TOSS OVER ANY OUTFIT: Not only does it help keep you warm, it also helps cover up any stains that your child is inevitably going to cover you with, no matter what you are doing!  This chambray cardigan is my lastest fave and I can put it over jeans, shorts, dresses, whatever I need and it always looks great!

#2 A PERFECTLY SLOUCHY TEE:  I do love a fitted tee occasionally but on days where I’m moving around and on the go, I can’t deal with having to either tuck in my tees or deal with adjusting them all the time so it looks cute.  On the flip side, with kids you can’t have tees that are too loose as I’ve found one time that she started tugging at my shirt a little too much everyone got to see what color bra I was wearing!  The perfect slouchy tee can be hard to find but this one at only $19 has become a go-to tee.

#3 JEANS THAT LOOK GOOD WITH ANY SHOES: I have always been a heels girl and even after becoming a mom I still love heels and wedges.  I don’t mind the height but I do make sure that they are comfortable and that I can walk in them for hours.  I am also a huge fan of the sneaker trend and have added quite a few pairs of sneakers to my wardrobe.  I do keep shoes in my car since we are always out and about and our plans change easily so in one day I can go from heels to sneakers to wedges.  So I always want to make sure that any jeans I have look great with any kind of shoes.  Skinny jeans are my go to because they can easily be rolled up to adjust to any of your shoes!


#4 STYLISH SNEAKERS: So speaking of shoes, having a pair of stylish sneakers has been a game changer for me.  It used to be harder to find stylish sneakers so I ended up bringing flats with me everywhere but sometimes when you are at the playground playing in the sandbox or trying to chase my daughter up the slide (why do they love to go up the slide rather than down it?) only sneakers are going to cut it.  My favorite sneakers are the Adidas Superstars and the Nike Theas (the ones I’m wearing in these photos).

#5 A BAG THAT FITS THE ESSENTIALS: I know sometimes we as moms feel like we have to carry the biggest bags possible to carry everything our kids may need but I’ve figured out that if you only bring the very basic essentials, your bag doesn’t become a black hole and the less options for my daughter to choose from, the better.  I usually have one toy (that I have her choose before we leave the house), one lollipop (my last resort if I run out of snacks/entertainment), a snack and kleenex.  Seriously that’s all that I need and I’ve never felt like “oh shoot why did I leave that at home.” So yes, even the Gucci bag that I’m carrying in the pics can carry all that, plus my wallet, phone, hand lotion and lipstick!  One thing that I look for is versatility in carrying so that I can put it over my shoulder, as a clutch or cross body.

Moms certainly don’t have to sacrifice style for our kids.  Wear what is comfortable to you, even if it is a tank top and yoga pants, do it if that’s what you feel like!  I’ve definitely had those days and I’ve learned to not really care what other people think.  Just work what’s best for you because I know, I have SO many other things to think about than worry about what people think about my outfit.  But on most days, I dress up to keep myself sane and happy. I’ve always loved getting dressed in the mornings and feeling good in my outfits and I never wanted that to change even after I became a mom.

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