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Breakfast Republic

Brunch in San Diego usually defaults to home-y beachside cafes with typical diner-fare type breakfast options. Breakfast Republic is a little more inventive, with all the design quirks (shabby-chic) that define the classic San Diego brunch spot. Breakfast Republic has a few locations throughout San Diego. I wanted to try out their Encinitas location after hearing that it was a bigger space.

Breakfast Republic Encinitas Review
Firstly, the menu is pretty large with good coverage for both the sweet and savory camps. One audience the menu does not serve particularly is the health-nut crowd. The entrees are all pretty decadent so I’d come in prepared for a treat-yourself type of morning meal. On top of that, it seems Breakfast Republic is better known for their sweets.
Breakfast Republic Encinitas Review
Enter the Pancake Flight. You choose three pancakes to mix and match (which I recommend since they have about 8 creative options). We went with Churro, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Bacon. Super fun and a good way to try more of the menu.
Best Brunch in San Diego
Brunch in San Diego
We also wanted to give the savory items a go and went for the Breakfast Sammie (made with Jurassic Pork Bacon AKA candied bacon) and the Portuguese Linguisa Sausage Scramble. Both items were great although we didn’t really find the side potatoes too special in comparison. 
Breakfast Rebublic Encinitas

Breakfast Republic also has almost an entire page dedicated to drinks, which include cocktails, juices, coffees, teas, etc. This is the flight of local organic antioxidant shots. Just some yummy wellness juices before our meal to prep for the brunch! We also had the Breakfast Republic Latte (vanilla, chai, and mocha) and the Nitro Cold Brew which were both perfectly caffeinating and delicious.

Breakfast Republic is located more inland in Encinitas (not along the beach) in a strip mall with plenty of parking. I can definitely see this place drawing up 1-2 hour long waits like its other locations so I’d come in early or late since they don’t take reservations. Overall, it’s definitely a fun place for a family brunch.

Do you prefer sweet or savory for brunch?

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  • jbt
    June 27, 2017 at 3:04 pm

    I'm definitely more of a savory for breakfast! I prefer scrambles and skillets over pancakes and french toast any day!