The Best Spring Cleaning Hacks – tips, tricks (+ FREE cleaning products)

I have a confession to make.  I HATE cleaning.  I love organizing and putting things away but the cleaning part, ugh, I get irritated just thinking about it.  And being that my husband works full time, I own a business that keeps me busy all hours of the day and night, and we have a 3 year old + 2 dogs, you can say that our house can get quite messy.  My husband is amazing and does most of the cleaning so I know I’m very lucky but of course I pitch in when I can.  And even though we both feel like we clean all the time, it just seems to be a never ending battle.  We decided to tackle on a full spring cleaning weekend so I prepared some lists and found some amazing hacks and tricks so I thought I’d share them with you!

First though, I came across Grove Collaborative and I was hooked from the start. Because I hate cleaning so much I’m always on the lookout for cleaning products that will make my life easier and more efficient when it comes to cleaning.  I’m also a big fan of environmentally friendly products not only because I have a child that I don’t want around harsh chemicals but I also am just generally concerned about the environment and the types of chemicals and materials that are put out there.  I usually buy my cleaning products at Target and Costco and Grove Collaborative carried most of the brands that I already used, plus quite a few more that I was excited to discover.  Being that I am so busy, trips to Costco and Target are not that frequent so I love that these get delivered to me and I don’t have to make any “emergency trips” when I discover that we are out of something.  Oh and the prices are comparable or even less expensive that what I would buy at the stores so don’t feel like you are paying premium prices for this!  I would not recommend it otherwise because what’s worse than cleaning?  Paying a ton of money for cleaning products!

This week only if you sign up for Grove Collaborative and place an order of at least $20 (trust me, you’ll find plenty of things to buy!) you will get the method Essential Kit for FREE! All you have to do is head HERE to sign up for Grove Collaborative and you’ll receive everything pictured above for free when you sign up and spend $20 or more on your first order. You’ll answer a few quick questions about your home that they’ll use to customize your basket. Then you’ll finalize your basket by adding or removing items to get exactly what you want. Before you check out make sure your order totals at least $20 to get the free gifts! 

If you need some recommendations, here’s my favorites that I got in my first order.

Full Circle – Squeeze Cellulose Sponge Cloths ($3.99): I didn’t know I needed these in my life until I got them but I can say that I can’t live without them now!  Stop wasting paper towels now and get these.  They do a much better job of cleaning than paper towels and they can go straight in the dishwasher too!  My husband and I love them and agree that we need more!
Ecover – Stain Remover ($4.99): When you have kids, you have stains.  I need a good stain remover and this is it.  I like the scrubby brush so that you can really work it into the stain.
Mrs. Meyer’s – Multi Surface Cleaner ($3.89): I already use Method (which is why the free gift is amazing!) and I have a stock of the Method Multi Surface Cleaner since I use it, literally every day, multiple times a day.  But I wanted to try out Mrs. Meyer’s and it’s just as good!  I love the different scents but like I said, the multi surface cleaner gets plenty of use so you can never not have enough of this.  We keep one on every floor of the house so that it’s easily accessible.
Seventh Generation – Auto Dish Packs ($5.99): These make washing the dishes even easier!  Just throw one in, no messes, no measuring. And it gets my dishes so clean.

Once you place your order, it gets to you pretty quickly (I think mine was less than a week). Then each month after you’ll get an e-mail reminding you to adjust your cart and choose what items you need.  You really don’t need to order things every month, you can skip it and move your date to a further date. It’s not a monthly subscription where you automatically get charged and get products sent to you.   It’s so great that you can pick and choose exactly what you want and then get it sent to you when you need it. I keep a running list on my phone of what cleaning essentials we are almost out of and then I adjust my order from there.

So, as I was saying, I rounded up some of the best Spring Cleaning hacks, tips and tricks to help get you (and me) motivated to do some cleaning!  My husband and I are trying to attack it all in one weekend so I love this checklist.  Check out the full post and download the list HERE.


It’s so easy to forget to clean your appliances like your washer. Spring cleaning time is a great time to make sure that you do!  Love this quick and easy tip to clean your washer!


I love planners and lists so was excited to stumble upon these printable pages that includes a full spring cleaning checklist by room, a monthly undated calendar, a weekly cleaning schedule page, cleaning task planner stickers and a ton more!  Grab them HERE, it’s only $2 for the download!


And another checklist – this time it breaks it down by the hours!  I love it!  It keeps you on schedule and efficient!  Get the step by step break down HERE.  It’s so thorough, I feel like it’s given me a good game plan to tackle on all this cleaning!

Illustration: Florie Duhau/OWN

Hopefully that gives you some motivation to do your spring cleaning.  Wish me luck, I think I’m going to need it!

And don’t forget to grab your FREE Method Essentials Kit, it’s totally worth it!

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