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Two cute casual looks for summer

11:56 PM

Just a couple of simple and casual looks that I will be wearing all summer.  I like to get dressed up but for the most part I stay pretty casual.  I wanted to share these two looks for my favorite ways to stay casual yet stylish!  

I love a cute graphic tee, especially ones with my favorite things on it!  LOL.  I actually don't like pizza that much but I love prosecco. My husband, however, could eat pizza every day of the week, so I like that this tee combines our tee favorite things :) 

I've mentioned it before but the midi trend is so great for shorties like me!  I love that I can feel like i'm wearing a maxi dress and not have to get it hemmed.  This one is a fave as it's so comfy and flattering on.  And it's on sale now for $40!
 DRESS (40% off!) \\ HAT \\ SHOES

These high waisted jeans are a life saver on those days where you're feeling the bloat!  I wasn't a fan before as it feels a bit funny to wear them at first but now I love them!  And yes, I've mentioned this bag strap one too many times but I still don't know what I'd do without it.  I love it and it made me love this bag again that used to be stuffed in the back of my closet!

I know dresses are typically more dressy but I love finding comfy dresses to wear on my casual days.  It's just such an easy outfit and with a dress like this where it's light and flowy, it's almost like you are wearing pajamas!

More fun tees!

More midi dress love!

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