Where to Get Drinks in Amsterdam’s Trendiest Neighborhood

J.D. William's Whisky Bar

In Amsterdam it seemed to me that the Dutch market for alcohol focuses on beer and wine. But my preference is for cocktails, so I spent some time researching bars near the areas I was staying. J.D. William’s Whisky Bar popped up in my search as a dedicated haven for drinkers of whisky, a liquor that isn’t featured nearly as prominently at other establishments. Plus it’s located in the very-trendy Jordann area, which is known for its plethora of cool concept shops, that I was intending to explore anyways. We stopped by in the afternoon post-shopping.

J.D. William's Whisky Bar Review
We tried a refreshing seasonal cocktail called “Oranje” made with Cointreau, Luxardo, and Bulleit Rye. It was exceptionally smooth and a drink you want to sip slowly al-fresco. I particularly liked how the strong drink mellowed as the ice melted and my taste buds warmed up to it. J.D. William’s has a couple outdoor seats on its small but busy street for excellent people watching. 

J.D. William's Whisky Bar Menu

It was a pleasant surprise to see that J.D. William’s Whisky Bar takes their specialization in whisky to another level with complementing food. The Asian tapas-style menu is one that any California native would recognize, but in Amsterdam it felt very unique and especially fresh with the whisky drinks. 
J.D. William's Whisky Bar Food

We tried a sampling of their menu: the chicken karaage, Asian dumplings, and tempeh Vietnamese spring rolls. Each came with their own concentrated dipping sauce and packed enough flavor to contend against our strong drinks. It’s definitely a different type of menu from other bars that seem to offer heavier fried or cheese based bar bites.

J.D. William's Whisky Bar Amsterdam

The interior of the bar is not to miss either. I can imagine J.D. William’s Whisky Bar being a local spot for a quick bite and drink with friends after work or an evening favorite for date nights. Either way, it’s not to miss if you’re seeking well-crafted whisky cocktails in Amsterdam.

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