Where to Stay in Amsterdam De Pijp: Volkshotel

The Volkshotel Amsterdam
We spent most of our time along the canals and in the center
of Amsterdam city proper. But my friend who lives in Amsterdam told me that De
Pijp is somewhere I had to stay. She called it the Lower East Side (NYC) of
Amsterdam. What she meant was that the area is a little younger and not too
trendy, but definitely cool, with lots of cute cafes and boutiques.
Since the previous two hotels I stayed at had a lot to offer design wise, I was hoping to stay somewhere that could similarly pack in a lot of personality. The Volkshotel definitely did not disappoint.

The Volkshotel Amsterdam Review

The Volkshotel Amsterdam Photos

 Although they have standard categories of hotel rooms based
on size, they also have a number of “special rooms” that are fantastically
designed and incredibly unique. It was hard to choose which one I wanted
(Bathing Bikou was my second choice), but I eventually settled on The Edmund, a
lush jungle-inspired room for adventure and play.

The Volkshotel Amsterdam Edmund

The first thing I noticed about The Edmund was its huge
size. It’s a really generous space with high ceilings and lots of room to
spread out and lounge. There’s a fridge hidden along the wall of the window
stocked with interesting and complimentary Dutch snacks and drinks. Some highlights were salty licorice and chocolate milk in a can.

Volkshotel Amsterdam Hotel
Volkshotel Amsterdam Hotel Review
One of the best things about this room is that while there’s
a conventional bathroom/rain shower setup, there’s also a built-in bathtub at
the top of a set of stairs overlooking the entire room. A fun bubble bath with
cold drinks from the fridge was definitely in order.
Volkshotel Amsterdam Hotel Photos

The hanging chair and floating plants added to the playful
ambiance and the huge bed actually became seats for a personal projected movie
theater. A touch screen control at the side of the bed provides access to
Netflix, and the shades to the big window became the projector screen.
Volkshotel Amsterdam Hotel Edmund Room

The Volkshotel is also a fun hangout for locals. Their café
on the ground floor was equally welcoming for remote working, a business
meeting, or chatting with friends. Some other fun perks of the property include
a sauna/hot tub and bar on the top floor, yoga classes, boat tours, and an
express salon for haircuts. The Volkshotel definitely offers a variety of
unique services that caters to the hip area it’s located in.

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