J Crew SALE – Dressing Room Try On’s + What I did this weekend

Happy 4th of July!  I had such a great weekend, we recently got my daughter her first bike and it’s the cutest thing ever watching her ride it.  I’m sharing some photos from the weekend below, but first, I headed over to the mall to do some shopping and J Crew had a great sale!  30% off your entire purchase and additional 50% off sale! It looks like online is pretty much the same deal however I did find that some prices differed online (some things were on sale online but not in store) . Either way, in store or online you are still getting a great deal.  Anyway, there were SO many good things, here’s the best of the bunch!

You know I love my bow tops!  This one is so cute and come in this print as well.

BOW SHOULDER TOP (30% off, wearing XS)

I’m a midi dress lover and I’m also loving eyelet these days.  I love the shape of this dress and the strap details.  It’s not super flattering with my sandals but I know this will be super cute with heels and a clutch. It comes in orange too.

RUFFLE EYELET DRESS  (ON SALE + 30% OFF, wearing size 0)

Another cute dress!  I love the stretchy top and the gingham. It’s so lightweight so it’s a great dress for those really hot days or even to wear over your bikini if you are headed to the pool or beach.


I loved this outfit.  I’ve been needing some new jean shorts and I really liked how these fit. Not too long and not too short.  I also adore this top. I accidentally cut off the top of the pic, but there is a tie on the shoulder.  The ruffles and the embroidery on the bottom makes this such a cute girly top.

TIE SHOULDER RUFFLE TOP (ON SALE + 30% OFF, wearing size 0)
DENIM SHORTS ( ON SALE + 30% OFF, wearing size 25)

And of course more ruffles.  I can’t resist!  Such a fun top, it will be so cute with white jeans or white shorts and wedge sandals.

RUFFLE TOP (30% OFF, wearing size 0)

Head on over to shop!  There’s so much cute stuff right now and this sale is one of their better ones I have seen!
Here’s some snaps from our weekend!  We went to one of our favorite Italian restaurants in Seattle, La Rustica.  It’s right by the water and it’s just the loveliest little restaurant with some of the best pasta and Italian food ever. I believe it’s a family run business, the service is always great and it’s just a nice cozy, romantic spot. Highly recommended!  It’s actually one of our regular date night spots but we brought our daughter this time to enjoy the food and she loved it.  We take her out to a lot of nice and not necessarily “kid friendly” places but we always get great treatment and have never felt like people were annoyed that we brought our daughter.  We actually get a lot of compliments from people at restaurants about how well behaved our daughter is and honestly, I think it’s because she’s just so used to going out with us.  I also come prepared with our own cups (most of these restaurants aren’t going to have plastic cups with straws readily available!) and other food/snacks in case she’s not into the food as she can be kind of picky with food.  We’ve never had a problem with bringing our own food for her and it really does help to be prepared just in case.  
Not the best pic of us as it was hard getting a pic with the sun going down, but here’s what I wore!
This is the view right across from the restaurant, isn’t is gorgeous?  There are houses right on the water, I’m so jealous of their view!

As I mentioned, we got our daughter her very first balance bike and she’s been doing so well on it. She just loves it. We walk from our house to the park which is about a mile away and she rode her bike almost the whole way and then she practiced some more at the park.  We got her the Strider bike as we tested quite a few bikes and my husband and I really liked the look and feel of the bike.  It’s very lightweight, but also sturdy and a perfect starter bike.  We went with the balance bike instead of a training wheel bike as we felt like getting her used to balancing on this kind of bike would be more beneficial for her to learn rather than pedaling on training wheels. Although I learned to ride a bike on a training wheel bike (which I’m sure everyone my age did) I just felt like this was the better way to go for her.  We went to our local bike store and she picked out the bike, helmet and even a bell!  All pink of course 🙂 .

Notice we are both wearing Minnie Mouse shirts and Adidas Superstars.  She loves to twin with mommy!

And here we are at the Farmer’s Market. I had to get some fresh peonies of course and we bought lots of fruit!  I love this time of year and being able to go to the Farmer’s Market to get fresh veggies and fruit.  She is very happy about me letting her hold a receipt.  LOL, the things kids get happy about!

What I’m Wearing:
She’s wearing her favorite watermelon dress.  She has so many of these, they come in so many patterns and are so easy and comfy to wear! AND they’re only $4.99. She’s also wearing her Unicorn Vans (also her favorite shoes!)

I don’t eat yogurt but everyone in Seattle raves about Ellenos Greek Yogurt so if you are in Seattle and love yogurt, it’s a must try!  My husband says it tastes more like ice cream than yogurt!

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