Tees for you and your girl squad (+ spilling some our our business secrets!)

A few weeks ago when my sister was in town, we decided to have a photo shoot for our clothing line, T&J Designs and feature some of our favorite Seattle bloggers!  It was a bit last minute and I’m so grateful for Molly from Style Miss Molly and Sarah from The Blonde Giraffe for taking some time out of their day to come shoot with us!

We headed to Alki Beach on one of the most beautiful days in Seattle!  We had so much fun shooting in the sun and beach.

We just released our new summer tees and they are all so much fun!  I thought it would be fun to share some of the process of our clothing line and some of our behind the scene “secrets”.  We get so many questions about how we started our line, how we produce our line, where we manufacture, etc… so I wanted to share some of our most frequently asked questions when it comes to our business!

A lot of people have asked what brand of tees we use to do our screen prints as most people do tend to go with a brand like American Apparel or Bella tees.  These tees are our own that are produced in LA and then screen printed here in Seattle. So when you buy one of our tees, they truly are our own and you won’t find the style anywhere else.


We also get asked how we come up with all these sayings and if we do them ourselves.  The answer is, yes, it’s all us!  My sister, our graphic designer and I pretty much keep a running list of ideas that we send to each other and before every season.  We tend to release a new collection of tees once every other month but we always try to do new tees that are appropriate for each season.  We usually have a mega list of ideas and then narrow down from there and then our graphic designer pulls together a few designs for each phrase and then Jen and I finalize from there.

We try to make our tees a bit different and very much us, which is girly, fun and glam.  We have tees with glitter ink (which is not something you find a lot) and we’ve also started to add gold and pink foil like on these tees.


Our tees are usually funny, but not negative or include “bad” words but we are not opposed to a play on those bad words 🙂 Our best selling tees are ones that include wine, champagne or tacos on them!


We’ve had a lot of customers buy our tees for girls trips, bachelorette parties and wine tastings.  We absolutely love it when we get photos of customers and their friends all wearing the tees, it’s just so cute! I love girl’s trips and think it’s so fun when you do a “theme” and these tees are fun to be matchy without totally having to buy the exact same thing.


It’s funny because my sister and I love taking photos but we don’t actually have a lot together!  It was nice to get together and take some of just the 2 of us.  A lot of people also ask us how it is working together and working with our family but honestly we both wouldn’t have it any other way.  We do butt heads sometimes, but in the end our goals are always the same in that we both want what’s best for the company and really that’s what’s most important.



This shoot was one of my favorites that we did!  We usually do our shoots in Chicago, where my sister lives so this was our first in Seattle and we definitely hope to do more!

I’m also thrilled to announce that Jen and I will be speaking at the Women Who Slay conference in Las Vegas in a few weeks!  If you are local or will be in town, would love for you to attend and meet you!  Jen and I will be speaking about our business and how we use our online influence to help grow our business and more!  See below for the details and you can purchase tickets HERE.

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