The Easiest Way to Contour and Highlight | Maskcara Beauty Foundation Review

I will always love doing my makeup and sometimes I can take an hour to get ready when I want to. However, on most days, I have so much going on in the morning and getting my daughter fed and ready is much more important than getting myself ready.  I recently was introduced to Maskcara Beauty by a blog reader who wrote me a super sweet email and gave me the most incredible rundown of the makeup line and what it could do for me.  I get millions of emails a day pitching me things but her email really stood out to me and I was very intrigued.

Contour & Highlight - Maskcara Beauty Review

The makeup line was created by a blogger/youtuber who is a mom as well so I love that she understands the need to have a product that can do everything as efficiently as possible. After watching a few of her videos of how the line was created and how you use it, I just knew I had to try it.  I am no expert but I do try to contour as best as I can and I admit I have one too many products in my bathroom to try and achieve the perfect contour and highlight.  This product, literally is just 4 products in one very pretty little palette which is really what sold me.  I am honestly just tired of having to dig around in my makeup drawer to find every single product that I need.  Ever since I started using this palette, my makeup routine is done in about 5 minutes!

Here’s what the palette looks like:  It actually comes in those little tins and they are magnetic which makes it very easy to pop into the palette.  They designed it this way so that it was very easy to buy what products you needed or if you wanted to change out your colors to take with you on a trip, it would be so easy for you to customize your palette.  

Contour & Highlight - Maskcara Beauty Review


And another thing that I love?  It’s so affordable.  This entire palette including the make up + reusable palette is only $48.  You get the foundation, contour, highlight and blush which is basically all you need. Usually for my other products all combined, it’s well over $100!

Easiest Way to Contour and Highlight

I created a short video to share my every day make up look using this palette.  The video is 5 minutes long and I did speed up the application part but I timed myself while I was doing my makeup and it really did just only take me 5 minutes to do it all!

If you know me, you know that in between my business, my blog, being a wife and mom, the last thing I need is one more thing to take on, but after using this makeup and understanding the business a bit more I have decided to join as an Artist as well!  I’m not planning on doing any at home parties or anything like that but because I already share what I buy and what I love on my blog, I just really wanted to spread the word about this makeup as it’s so different than anything else that I’ve used.
Easiest Way to Contour and Highlight
So if you don’t watch the video, the basic 5 steps are:
1. Take your foundation color (Maskcara calls it the “highlight”) and put it all over your face, concentrating on the under eyes and anywhere else you’d like coverage.
2. Use the darker “contour” shade to sweep underneath the cheekbones, forehead and a small swipe by your nose. I also like to put it underneath my chin to slim down that part of my face.
3. Apply the cream brush on the apples of your cheeks.
4. Blend!  I love using a beauty blender sponge but lately I’ve been obsessed with the Clarisonic Foundation Brush.  it does an amazing job of blending my makeup.
5. Apply the illuminator color to the tops of your cheekbones. For an added touch you can add it right underneath your brow bone as well.
The colors in my foundation palette are:
Amber Highlight (the foundation)
Stone Contour
Honey Illuminator
Baby Watermelon Blush (can also be used on the lips)
In the video I use the Detail HAC Brush (HAC = Highlight and Contour)
Easiest Way to Contour and Highlight


The coverage of the foundation is really creamy and goes on so smooth but also does a great job of covering any spots.  I have used liquid foundation before but I really prefer the coverage and the application of cream foundation.  I got super sick about a month ago.  It was a terrible cold and I was blowing my nose about ever 3 minutes.  My nose was so gross and red and I had terrible eye bags just from the lack of sleep as my daughter was sick at the same time.  I definitely was not looking too good!  But I was truly sold on the line after I used this makeup to completely cover the dark under eye circles and my bright red nose. I even did an instagram story around that time and had quite a few of you message me saying how impressed you were with the coverage of the makeup!   
The contour shade is so easy to apply with the Detail HAC brush, it’s basically fool proof, you can’t go wrong with it!  I’ve definitely had moments with other products where I put the contour on way dark or in the wrong spots so my face ends up looking just dirty instead of contour-ed but I’ve never had this problem with this contour.  
Also because it’s a cream based makeup, I feel like my skin really takes it on more naturally than a powder based contour.  The cream blush is also super easy to apply and looks really pretty on as it’s very natural.  The blush doesn’t last too long for me, so I do end up reapplying blush during the day but that’s just normal for me as it does that no matter what kind of blush I’m wearing.  The great part about the palette is that it fits so easy into my purse that I can take it everywhere with me and I don’t need a brush as I can easily pat the blush into my cheeks with my fingers and blend.
I also have to say that the community around Maskcara beauty is pretty amazing.  It’s not just a makeup brand but it’s definitely a great community of women who are there to provide you help with whatever you need to make you look and feel your best with this makeup.  At first I felt a little iffy about needing to be someone’s “artist” in order for them to purchase the product but the more involved in the community I understood that it’s not just about you as one person, everyone there is wiling to help each other out and that’s a big reason why I joined.  I love that its a brand that supports women and that women are truly there for each other.  I have to admit, I found the website quite confusing at first but because I had my artist walk me through everything it made me realize that it’s set up so that you are able to ask your artist questions and to make sure that you are getting the right product for you.  We don’t want anyone to be sitting at home just trying to guess what will look good on her and hoping for the best!  I’ve always loved blogging as a chance to meet and interact with women like me and I love that this is just another opportunity for me to do more of that!
If you know nothing about how to highlight and contour, no worries at all, the best part about this brand is that there are so many women that are part of the Maskcara beauty team that can help you out!  There are plenty of tutorials that you can follow.  I especially love these diagrams that show you how to do your makeup depending on your face shape.  They really just understand that this makeup is not “one size fits all” and it really is an experience to make sure that you get the best palette or colors that are customized just for you.

 Cara, the owner has done many videos on the foundation and this one explains it and really shows how it works.

If you are interested, you can click over HERE to go browse and shop the line.  When you are checking out, it may ask you for your artist name so you can put in Tiffany Ish or artist # 3004.  If you are not sure what colors to buy, please feel free to email me (tiffany (at) or add your email to this form HERE and I will have my Maskcara Beauty Artist contact you.  Lexi is a makeup artist who has tons of expertise on makeup and color matching and she would love to help match you and answer any questions you may have.  I will also reach out to you just to see if I can help out in any way!  (The form is just for me, no one else will see it or use your email)

I’ve been using this makeup every day for over a month and a half and realizing that it’s something that has really benefited me.  It’s made my morning routine that much easier. If you are like me, a busy person who is not super comfortable with going out in public without makeup but also not finding enough time in the day for your full makeup routine, I highly recommend trying this makeup out.  They have a great return policy so don’t feel like you are stuck with it if it doesn’t end up working out for you but I highly recommend giving it a try!

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