Where to Take your Trendy Vegan Friends in South Park San Diego

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So-Cal residents love their trendy health food, but being soy-free/nut-free/gluten-free/etc. doesn’t mean that the only thing to eat in San Diego is a superfood smoothie. For example, vegan foodies will adore Kindred. Located in South Park near Balboa Park in San Diego, this vegan restaurant and bar is a spot to take your trend and design minded friends as well. Think excellent branding and pink/gold/white/marble looks.

I would come here for drinks alone. The cocktail menu is extensive and creative (something to appreciate in the beer-saturated bar scene of San Diego) and the bar set-up itself is gorgeous and central to the restaurant. We ordered the Gloom Coil (mezcal/tequila/créme de peche), Zombie Prescription (mocktail with apple cider vinegar and cinnamon) and the Drowned God (rum/pineapple).

We really enjoyed the strong drinks with these appetizers. The Hearts of Palm flatbread was creamy and bright with a great texture and bake and the Fried and Pickled platter of fried pickles and pickled buffalo cauliflower was totally updated versions of my favorite bar food.

The dinner menu looked pretty exciting, so we ordered three plates to share. The Memphis BBQ Jackfruit sandwich with amazing bbq chips had an unbelievable texture and strong bbq flavor. The jackfruit made the sandwich really filling too. The Beet Risotto (my favorite) was very pretty and delicious with great textures. The Seared Cauliflower Steak was a more traditional vegan dish but the sauces made it a much more unique type. We thought the “steaks” were grilled up very nicely too.

Kindred exclusively plays heavy metal to juxtapose with their sweet and prim interior design. The spell book-like menus and apothecary style tableware were also fun points of contrast with the gorgeous interior. Don’t miss the cat art around the restaurant and in the bathrooms.

Overall Kindred is not a restaurant to miss if you’re in San Diego. It’s probably the most cohesively unique restaurant I’ve been to and one with a vibe that you won’t experience anywhere else.

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