4 easy ways to update your jewelry for fall

accessories to wear for fall

I’m not in a rush for summer to be over, but I can’t deny that I love when fall comes around!  My most favorite time of the year is actually the transition of summer to fall where the weather is still beautiful here but not as hot and I can start combining my favorite summer tops with jeans and booties.  My jewelry also goes through a transition into less bright, bold colors and statement pieces, to delicate and more classic pieces.  I’ve partnered with LAGOS to share with you one of my favorite pieces that I’ve been pairing with everything!  And keep reading for my tips on how to update your jewelry for fall.

4 easy ways to update your jewelry for fall.

This Black Caviar Bracelet is such a classic piece and I’m finding that it goes with literally everything I own.  It’s got a nice weight to it but it’s also not too heavy that it gets annoying on the wrist and you end up taking it off when you are typing on the computer at your desk.

Fall's best accessories

A few easy tips for transitioning your jewelry wardrobe for fall.

  • Stick with classic pieces with minimal embellishments – with all the layering and putting on/taking off jackets it’s such a pain when your jewelry gets caught.  I try to layer one to 3 bracelets and do a small stud for my earrings to keep the risk of things getting caught to a minimum.
  • Say yes to mixing metals: I am all about mixing metals but what I do to keep it looking cluttered, I take cues from the rest of my outfit to see what the piece will most likely complement. For this outfit the studs on my shoes are gold, but the black and the silver of the bracelet went well with the red top and white jeans which is what your eye will go to naturally anyway.  But the added component of the gold with the silver makes the outfit interesting and fun.
  • Use your jewelry as the focal point of your outfit – During the fall, I often find myself in a simple sweater and jeans or like below, a tee, jeans and a moto jacket.  You don’t need to add a lot but jewelry can really help give your outfit a bit of your own personality with even the most basic of outfits.

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And lastly, the art of the stack is so important. Again, you don’t have to stick with the same metal colors, in fact bracelet stacking is one of my favorite places to mix metals. Like the pic below, include different elements and textures but at the same time, find a common ground with all the pieces. Allow the largest piece to give you an idea of where you’d like the focus to be on.

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For my outfit, I obviously have a lot going on with the shoes and my bag. I wanted the bracelet to complement them and not compete. It really is such a simple piece but something that I believe every woman should have in her closet.  I also love that it’s not just your traditional gold or silver bracelet.  The black beads give it an updated and modern feel.Updating your wardrobe for fall

I love updating all aspects of my wardrobe for the season’s change.

Updating your wardrobe, makeup and jewelry for fall

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This post was sponsored by LAGOS Jewelry. All opinions are mine.

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