How to Maintain Summer’s Glow

Summer Skincare How To

Summer Skincare How To

After a season of beach days and sunny evening walks, your summer complexion is probably glowing with color. And for those who live in less sunny areas, that vitamin D is good for you. Soak it up (after applying SPF) while you still can! But did you know that right now is the ideal time to get started on a maintenance program for your summer color?

If you’re looking to present a bronzy glow year-round, the key is to start building up your faux-tan while your real tan is still there. You’ll achieve a much more blended and convincing overall look when the self-tanner pigments have the chance to match with the tanner version of you.

My pick for this season are these Instagram-worthy bottles by Tan-Luxe. They’re a relatively new line that styles self-tanning to look so much more discrete.

Tan-Luxe Face Illuminating Self-Tan Drops is one of those customizable products that we all love. Just add a drop or two to your current moisturizer or serum for a hint of color without having to layer on another product.

Tan-Luxe The Gloss is a special occasion product for when you want to get the gams, arms, collarbone, etc glammed up. It has the teeniest hint of shimmer to bring out an already-existing tan.

Tan-Luxe The Butter has a super rich consistency that I can’t recommend highly enough for dry skin types. Having dry skin makes it harder to get an even tan since the color pulls on dry patches, but this butter counteracts that with its extra emollient texture.

Tan-Luxe The Gradual is the most traditional product and a fool-proof one. I like that the formula is meant to be mixed with lotion during application so you can start with a really light foundation before building up a deeper color.

Treets Traditions Vulcanic Mud Scrub is a must-have before starting any kind of self-tanning process. Exfoliation ensures even and lasting color. The fine grit on this scrub makes it an especially good candidate.

Treets Traditions Hair & Body Wash is one of those products you’ll be glad to have the day of. Showering after the self-tanning process can be a messy ordeal with all the steps and products to keep in mind. This 2-in-1 product means you can shower off any mishaps all over without any worry.

Showing off your new tan in a cute bikini is a must-do! My favorite set right now is this pretty blush set by 9.0 Swim.

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