Pink Gucci Marmont Bag Review + What’s in My Bag! (Video)


Finally, a review of my pink Gucci Marmont bag!  If you follow me on instagram you’ve probably seen this bag so much as I carry it ALL the time.  In the photos below, it looks like all different colors because of the lighting and filters but in real life it’s a very vibrant pink.  I was super hesitant getting this bag because of the color.  I just wasn’t sure if I would wear it a lot and also that I might regret it.  Well, I was wrong because I’ve carried it so much this summer and I am 100% happy with the purchase!  The pink surprised me with how well it went with everything.  In my video I share my thoughts on the bag, what I actually carry in it and you can see the 3 different ways to wear it.

Here’s a few ways that I’ve worn it this summer.  As you can see I’ve been obsessed with my white jeans.  LOL I didn’t realize that every photo I’m wearing the same jeans but I love the white with the pink bag so I guess I just really stick with the same combo when I love it!  I know I’ve mentioned it before but I’m all about the fun and detailed tops this season.  Off the shoulder, cold shoulder, bell sleeves.  I just love having a variety of cute tops to pair with my favorite jeans.

Pink Gucci Marmont Review


I mention this in the video but I definitely use this bag when I’m out with my daughter.  It carries a good amount of stuff (everything my daughter needs + my essentials) and it’s one of my most comfortable crossbody bags.  This is a typical weekend outfit for me. Comfort is key but I also want to make sure that I feel like me so a fun polka dot cold shoulder top is a must!

Gucci Marmont Bag and Nike Thea


Gucci Bag and Lace Top


I bought these shoes last summer and haven’t had a chance to wear them until now!  I love pairing the fun shoes with the bright pink bag.  Yes I know it’s a bit much and obviously not an every day look, but I can’t help but love the bling and the pink together!

Pink Gucci Bag and Louboutin Crystal Heels


Marc Fisher Shoes and Gucci Bag


What's in my Gucci Bag

The items I mentioned in the video:

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