Where to Stay in Trendy Portland: Jupiter Hotel

Jupiter Hotel Portland

Jupiter Hotel Portland

I was in Portland for a few days in early August and loved the scene there. Part of that had to do with the amazing location of my accommodations at the Jupiter Hotel. Slightly east of downtown Portland in Burnside, the Jupiter Hotel put me right in the middle of the city and basically within a 1-4 mile radius of all the neighborhoods I wanted to visit. If location is your biggest factor in picking where to stay when traveling, I would highly recommend the Jupiter Hotel.

Jupiter Hotel Portland Metro Max Room

Coincidentally, we were staying in Portland the week of a record-breaking heat wave. We had a great start upon arrival as the helpful staff took care of our mountain of luggage and offered us ice-cold water in the lobby. The room we were put in was the Metro Max room, which has a welcoming sitting room type area. We liked the spaciousness of the room, especially with all our luggage.

Jupiter Hotel Portland Review

The comfy bed was really thoughtfully put together with two pillows of differing firmness on each side and several layers of bedding. It was such a treat to sleep in after a long day of exploring in the blazing 100 degree weather, and the powerful AC kept us cool all night even with all the downy layers.

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The room is more spacious than the average room but it’s worth knowing that there is no mini-fridge or separated, extensive closet setup. These were two amenities that neither of us really missed though, and we found the room to be smartly functional while leaving ample floor space and room for seating.

Jupiter Hotel Portland Metro Max

We found a little binder in our room with Portland and neighborhood recommendations that we put on our list. I’d recommend taking a flip through since the list is tightly curated with a little quirky blurb for each entry. The flatscreen TV in our room was also a fun touch since it was wall-mounted to face the bed. One night we stayed in with some take-out from a local diner while watching Sex and the City, making the Jupiter Hotel really feel like an intimate home-away-from-home type of place.

Jupiter Hotel Portland Patio

The Jupiter Hotel is also home to the Douglas Fir Lounge, which is a music venue, bar, and restaurant. We had breakfast there one day and agreed that the menu was a crowd-pleaser and affordably priced. We didn’t have time to try room service, but that’s definitely an amenity I’d like to make use of next time at the Jupiter Hotel.

Jupiter Hotel Review

There are two stories to the Jupiter Hotel and also two sides to the hotel: a quieter side away from the Douglas Fir Lounge or a more lively side closer to it. Our room was on the first floor, which we preferred since it was more convenient to step out into the bustle of Portland. When making a reservation, I’d make sure to request which side of the hotel you’d like to stay on too. We were put on the quiet side and never had any noise issues.

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