Where to stay in Vegas ( that’s not on the strip!) – Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa Review

My sister and I were invited to speak on the panel at the Women Who Slay event in Las Vegas and we were hosted by the Red Rock Casino Resort and spa which was such a fabulous hotel.  Just wanted to share my review and thoughts on our stay as well as some of the fun stuff we got to do! Also if you want some recommendations of what to do and eat in Vegas, scroll down to the bottom of the post!

I’ve been to Vegas, a lot.  I think this was my 12th time being there.  And I’ve always stayed on the strip so this is the first time not being on the strip but it was absolutely what I needed.  If you haven’t been to Vegas before, staying on the strip is a no brainer!  You definitely have to experience it once in your life. But if you are a frequent visitor, a place like the Red Rock Resort is a great option.  It was about a half hour from the strip which was an easy uber/taxi ride for when we did go out at night but we just stayed at the hotel during the day relaxing by the pool and eating all the food!

I mean how could we not sit by the pool all day?  Look how gorgeous it is! And I didn’t get a great photo of all the pools but instead of one gigantic pool like a lot of hotels have, they have one larger one with the fountain (which is great spot for the kids!) and then lots of smaller size pools all around so that not one pool was ever super crowded.

Here’s a view below of one of the smaller pools and as you can see that was pretty much the extent of how many people were in the pool. It was always less than 10 people which was so nice as I could get into the pool and not feel like I was sitting in a crowd of people which I’ve actually done many times in the pools at other Vegas hotels.
There were also plenty of chairs and you didn’t have to do that ridiculous thing of getting at the pool super early just to put your towel down and save your spot. It was super hot when we were there, well in the 100’s and this Seattle girl thinks 85 is hot so I was dying but I still wanted to be outside as much as I could so getting a chair and then taking a dip in the pool every once in awhile was the perfect day for me.
I was also so excited to spend some sister time.  We both had invited friends to come along but both unfortunately had family emergencies and could not make it last minute. We were sad that they couldn’t make it but we had a great time together!
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I ate by the pool all 3 days I was there.  I loved it! The food was so good!  Still thinking about the avocado toast and mango margarita.


Another one of our pool lunches.  Obviously we were so hungry look at all that food for the two of us!  But everything was so fresh and delicious.

My photos of the room didn’t turn out great, but they put us in a two bedroom suite with a sitting area in between.  It was beautiful and perfect for what we needed.  The rooms were fairly large and the beds were very comfy.  They had wifi that worked great both in the rooms and in the public areas.  Oh and we got room service every morning (I mean nothing better than when you had stayed out until 3AM the night before, right?) and the food and service was always great.


At the Women Who Slay event (more on that later) they had a VIP section set up for all of us so we got to enjoy this nice private pool and cabana section.  We had a lot of fun taking pics with the floaties 🙂


 My sister had been invited to the Demi Lovato song release party for her Sorry Not Sorry song and she got me and a friend (who happened to be in Vegas at the same time) in as well.  We had SO much fun and it was fun to see Demi sing her song. We had no idea that there would be a surprise guest so when they announced Nick Jonas I lost it and screamed like a little girl. LOL! I’m not a crazy fan,  I actually only know a few of his songs but still the guy can bring out the 13 year old in me.

 I’m wearing the Star Lace Dress (get 30% off with code HAPPYANNI30)

The party was on the penthouse of the Nobu hotel which was cool to see as well and had such a great view of the strip!

Anyway if you want to see more, especially the rooms at Red Rock Casino (and the Nick and Demi appearance) check out my video that I posted to my facebook page!

If you are visiting Vegas, here are a few of my favorite things to do and eat on the strip:

The Cosmopolitian – one of my favorite hotels.  I stayed there not too long ago and the rooms are huge and gorgeous.  The best part of the hotel, is that they have some of the best restaurants. We never had to leave the hotel to eat! You definitely need to check out:
China Poblano – a mix of chinese and mexican food which is so unexpected but done so well.
Momofuku – Yes they finally have one in Vegas!  Don’t miss out on the world famous Pork Belly Buns!
Zuma – We just went on this trip and the food was exceptional.  I love Japanese food and could eat it every day if it didn’t cost an arm and a leg! The food was expensive but I also felt like it was a fair amount for what we paid for.

More to do:
Nobu – I’m a sushi lover and have tried a ton of sushi restaurants in Vegas but Nobu will always be a favorite. I’ve only been to the one in the Hard Rock Hotel but there’s also one in Ceasar’s Palace (which is where the Nobu hotel is)
Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace – I love shopping here, so many good shops and it’s just a fun environment!  Don’t miss out on the Gucci store, it’s gorgeous and right now Gucci is killing it.  I wanted to buy everything in the store!
Bellagio – Go there to see the flower garden and the fountain but also the shopping.  Well to tell you the truth, I mainly just go there to drool at the Chanel store but still a fun place to shop!
Britney Spears – I saw her show about a year ago and even though she lip syncs, the show is still really fun.  I like the Vegas venues as they are so much smaller than if they were actually touring and your seats are so high that you can barely see them.  I loved the show and would totally go watch her again!  I also  REALLY want to see the Backstreet Boys in Vegas.  They weren’t performing the week I was there or else I totally would have bought tickets to their show.

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