Block heel sandals on sale! Best Amazon Fashion buys

The cutest shoes and bags to buy on Amazon right NOW

The cutest block heels on sale!

I have been obsessed with block heels sandals all summer and I got a few pairs at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale but then I stumbled upon these for more than 50% off and I was SO happy.  Not only are they super cute, they are so comfy as well!  The block heel makes them so easy to walk in for hours.

Amazon is my best kept secret for finding the cutest bags and shoes on SALE!  I shared these on instagram and facebook and realized that I haven’t blogged about them yet!

The one thing about shopping on Amazon is that you kind of have to go hunting for the deals and also prices change all the time.  What’s even more confusing is, depending on the item, you can click on different sizes and different colors and get different prices!  But what I’ve found is that a little bit of searching, definitely pays off which is how I ended up finding both of these shoes that originally retailed for $130+ and I got them for $50!


The cutest shoes and bags to buy on Amazon right NOW

I also have to mention this bag as it’s SO cute and a great bag for fall.  Amazon recently started a few fashion lines of their own and this bag is from THE FIX line which is just bags and shoes.  I’m sad that their shoes start at a size 6 (sad for those of us with small feet!) but their bags are super cute and the quality is so good for the price.  I actually took the strap off of it and added this cute floral bag strap (that’s only $24 from Amazon too!) I told you, I am finding the cutest accessories on Amazon!

The cutest shoes and bags to buy on Amazon right NOW

I also wore the strappy buckle heels to the Create & Cultivate Seattle conference that was this weekend at the Microsoft campus.  It was SUCH an amazing conference, I was so happy to be able to attend!  I wore these shoes all day and did plenty of walking and my feet had no complaints!


What to wear to blogger conferences

The tie up shoes are also very comfy and I love the gray.  These ones come in 9 colors and they are all really great fall colors!  I know that Seattle isn’t the best for open toe shoes during fall but right now when it’s still cooling down and the rain hasn’t started yet, these are the shoes that I am wearing constantly.

The cutest shoes and bags to buy on Amazon right NOW

Yes, I’m totally obsessed with the bag straps!  They just make all my bags so much better! Full disclosure: My friend’s company  sells them on Amazon and I help her take photos for her site and on Amazon and she gifts me the bag straps, but even if she didn’t I would still buy them, they not only are a great way to update your bag, but they make all my bags much more comfortable to carry.  The heart bag strap is my favorite, I’m trying to convince her to get it in black too! The straps are very strong and sturdy and I can wear them crossbody and over the shoulder and they stay put!


The cutest shoes and bags to buy on Amazon right NOW


I’ve rounded up a few other fab shoes under $100 here.  And they are all on Amazon Prime which means 2 day free shipping and returns!  If you aren’t a prime member yet, you can sign up to Try Amazon Prime and get a 30-Day Free Trial

I do have to mention that all these I picked below are all brands  that are pretty well known and can be purchased at department stores.  I think that the sales are so good on Amazon because people tend to forget that they can buy these brands on Amazon too!  So, before everyone discovers my secret, I’m happily enjoying the deals and sharing them with you!

(1) and (3) the block heel sandals are basically staples that everyone needs in their closet!  There’s so many color options for both, so you can basically match any outfit.  And don’t forget to check prices, just click on your size and then the colors that are available will be highlighted.  You can then pick the different options and most of the time the prices vary so click through all the color options to see the prices!  I’m obsessed with the bow mules (4). I really want them in pink but the nude ones will go with so many more outfits.


Best Block Heels for the summer on Amazon

 (1) Nude Block Sandal (2) Gray studs sandals

(3) Pink Block Heel (4) Bow mules

(5) White block sandal (6) Studded block sandal


I love the studded heels. I first spotted (6) on Samantha and adore them on her, was happy to see them on sale! (2) is very similar and both come in several colors.

Studded Sandals, Olive green jeans, cold shoulder top

A few more cute finds I had to share!  Not block heels but all styles right up my alley from cute studded pumps (1) to these bow heels (2) that I had originally spotted on Erica (who is one of my very favorite style inspirations.  Her feed and everything she owns is TDF) The pom pom sneakers (3) and the Oui Non (4) espadrilles are just some much needed fun casual shoes.  I just love how cute they both are!

The cutest shoes on sale at Amazon
(1) Studded pump (2) Suede bow heels

(3) Pom pom sneaker (4) Oui Non (5) Tie up bootie


The strappy suede bow heels (2) as seen on FashionedChicStyling

Suede Bow Sandals, Chloe Bag

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