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New Scented Bodycare Favorites

H20+ Beauty Bodycare

One thing I sometimes miss (that my hair doesn’t necessarily miss) is using heavily fruit-scented shampoos. When I was a kid, the stronger the artificial fruit scent, the better. But now, picking fragrances in general is an endeavor in subtlety or simplicity. Although my perfume tastes may vary, I gravitate towards single-noted or pure, distilled scents in my bodycare products. This post will break down some of my latest favorites by fragrance. But really it’s a “what’s in my shower”…

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How to Get the Most Out of a Hydrating Serum

True Botanicals Review

Previously, I wrote about some of my favorite serums for specific skincare concerns that come from everyday life scenarios (see article here). However, addressing skincare concerns seasonally is also a good way to approach the serum game. For Winter, you’ll want a hydrating serum. But you can also supplement that baseline hydration. Today, I’ll be sharing a few mix-in boosters and how to use them to really make a hydrating serum work doubly hard for you this Winter.…

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Step-by-Step Glam Wavy Hair Tutorial

Wavy Curls Hair Tutorial

Basically, I have two everyday hair looks: wavy (via a curling iron) or natural (wavy-straight texture). When I really want to step up my hair game for a special occasion, I pull out a flat iron for what I call my “glam wavy hair” style. The result with a flat iron is more voluminous, texturized and lasting waves. I always get compliments on the look, so I put together this step-by-step glam wavy hair tutorial.…

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How to Give Your Skin Some TLC for Fall with Clarisonic Mia 1

Clarisonic Mia Blog Review

Being in New England, my skin starts to freak out a little once chilly weather sets in. I don’t break out from the seasonal shift, but my skin gets a little rough and dry, which doesn’t feel good when the mornings are 35 degrees. For these situations, it may seem intuitive to just slather on your richest face creams and call it a day. But actually, I’ve found that properly cleansing and prepping my skin to absorb those powerful ingredients…

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3 Serums for Everyday Scenarios

Best Serums for Fall

“Serum” is one of those skincare terms that is so ubiquitous in product labeling that it almost doesn’t mean anything. We all know that we’re supposed to be using one, but it can be confusing to pick one to address our immediate skin concerns. I like to think of serums as the most specific kind of skin treatment I can apply. I’m looking to correct specific problems like hyperpigmentation. Serums are definitely where I recommend paying for the best since…

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Modern Fall Colors from JINsoon Art Nouveau

Jin Soon Art Nouveau review

I like to get gel nails a few times a year. They look amazing and help my nails grow longer, but it’s hard to commit to wearing one color for a month especially in the Fall. Fall collections are my favorite in fashion and beauty because of the richer colors, textures and finishes. The JINsoon Art Nouveau collection completely embodies that look for me in a very modernized way.…

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Playing with Kosas Weightless Lip Color for Fall

Kosas Lipstick Photos

Thanks to Kylie Jenner, the trendiest lip products have been lip pencils and powdery matte colors. I’m happy that we are nixing sticky lip glosses and have worn my favorite MAC lip liner down to a stub to celebrate. Nowadays it takes something really special for me to want a traditional lipstick, but I think that the Kosas Weightless Lip Color gets it right. Maybe it’s the Instagram-worthy branding of the line. Or maybe it’s the hefty and luxurious packaging. Either way,…

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