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The Secret to Brightening Skin this Winter

How to Brighten Skin

Maybe it’s the lack of Vitamin D, but isn’t winter skin the worst? The dryness really kills any glow factor, even if you are managing to eat healthy and get plenty of rest. We all know that exfoliation (AKA skin cell turnover) is the answer to brightening skin, but the real secret is targeted exfoliation. Just like we treat different areas of our skin with specialized products (i.e. eye cream), think about the differences in elasticity and thickness for each…

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Skincare Essentials: Best of Winter Masks

Best of Winter Masks

Masking has made such a big difference in my beauty routine, and it’s a step I prioritize once a week. When it comes to Winter masks, I used to think that hydration was the most important concern. But I learned over time that it’s a combination of exfoliation (to reveal baby-fresh skin) and moisture that will really produce glowy results, even in the dead of Winter. This season I’ve got my masking routine down to a science. Here are the…

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Plant-Based Products to Update Your Hair Routine

Playa Haircare Review

When you’re trying to deal with a specific hair issue like frizz or lack of volume, it’s an instinctive response to beeline for the most extreme products that guarantee some kind of gravity-defying control over your hair. But for everyday, who has time for a long hair routine? For me, working with your hair’s natural characteristics goes hand-in-hand with using more natural products. When it comes to a plant-based hair routine, start out with some basic products. Then you can…

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Beauty Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide for Beauty

It’s the season for holiday gift guides, which happen to be one of my favorite kind of articles to read. I used to source my inspiration for gift ideas from magazines, but seeing gift guides on blogs have the added benefit of being clickable so it’s easy to look into a product more closely and immediately. My favorite categories of gift guides are usually home and beauty, which is why I’m starting out the season with this beauty holiday gift…

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New Scented Bodycare Favorites

H20+ Beauty Bodycare

One thing I sometimes miss (that my hair doesn’t necessarily miss) is using heavily fruit-scented shampoos. When I was a kid, the stronger the artificial fruit scent, the better. But now, picking fragrances in general is an endeavor in subtlety or simplicity. Although my perfume tastes may vary, I gravitate towards single-noted or pure, distilled scents in my bodycare products. This post will break down some of my latest favorites by fragrance. But really it’s a “what’s in my shower”…

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How to Get the Most Out of a Hydrating Serum

True Botanicals Review

Previously, I wrote about some of my favorite serums for specific skincare concerns that come from everyday life scenarios (see article here). However, addressing skincare concerns seasonally is also a good way to approach the serum game. For Winter, you’ll want a hydrating serum. But you can also supplement that baseline hydration. Today, I’ll be sharing a few mix-in boosters and how to use them to really make a hydrating serum work doubly hard for you this Winter.…

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Step-by-Step Glam Wavy Hair Tutorial

Wavy Curls Hair Tutorial

Basically, I have two everyday hair looks: wavy (via a curling iron) or natural (wavy-straight texture). When I really want to step up my hair game for a special occasion, I pull out a flat iron for what I call my “glam wavy hair” style. The result with a flat iron is more voluminous, texturized and lasting waves. I always get compliments on the look, so I put together this step-by-step glam wavy hair tutorial.…

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