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  • Pink Gucci Marmont Bag Review

    Pink Gucci Marmont Bag Review + What’s in My Bag! (Video)

      Finally, a review of my pink Gucci Marmont bag!  If you follow me on instagram you’ve probably seen this bag so much as I carry it ALL the time.  In the photos below, it looks like all different colors because of the lighting and…

  • Chanel Mini Flap Bag

    Chanel Mini Flap Bag Review

    I’ve had my Chanel mini flap bag for a little bit now and I have had a few readers ask me about the bag so I put together a video on what I liked about it, what I carry in it and what it looks…

  • 5 Must See Holiday Makeup Tutorials For Every Style

    When it comes to watching YouTube videos, I tend to have a short attention span. Anything longer than 3 minutes will have me fast-forwarding through, and this is especially true of makeup tutorials. That said, YouTube beauty videos are the best for learning technique and…