I am Style-ish is a blog that focuses mainly on fashion, shopping, my personal style and my jewelry line.   On my blog, you'll find outfit posts that I call "lookbooks", beauty posts and product reviews, my very treasured shoe collection, my love for photography, baking and random photos and snippets of my life with my husband and my two dachshunds. And now a mommy to the sweetest little girl who I just completely adore. 

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Some frequently asked questions:

What do you do for a living? 
I  have spent most of my career in HR as a director and a consultant so in some older posts you may see references to HR and my old job.  Right now, I'm pursuing my dreams as a full time jewelry designer and running my business with  my sister.  Our line, t+j Designs, is a jewelry line for the modern women who's looking for beautiful, stylish and quality jewelry for a great price.  We aim for all of our jewelry to be the best quality but still offer everything for under $100.  You can shop our line on our website here, subscribe to our blog and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

My husband and I also used to be wedding photographers but because of time and my jewelry business, we decided to continue with photography as a hobby that we both truly enjoy rather than a business.  For FAQ's on photography such as what camera and lenses I use and tips on getting into wedding photography, click here.

Who takes the pictures on your blog?
I take all of them except for the lookbook photos which my husband shoots.  Basically if I'm not in them, then I took it :)  From time to time I take my own lookbook shots using the tripod and remote.  Like this one here!

Where can I find your wedding photos?

I need some career advice about working in HR/working up the corporate ladder/wanting to get into consulting/starting my own business.  Can I email you about that?
I'll be honest, as much as I love helping you guys out, I am already overwhelmed with running my business and being a mommy.  I love getting your questions but at this time I can't promise you that I will get back to you in a timely manner.  I hope you understand.  If you send me a question, I will try my best to get back to you, just no promises on how soon I can get them answered!

For a previous about me FAQ, click here.

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  1. Hi Tiffany,

    Are you making the 2012 Calendar? I loved the 2011 Calendar you posted and I even printed out a couple for my other girlfriends. I hope you could still make them. I still have not bought a new calendar because I was waiting for yours.

  2. Hi Tiffany! You have a very nice blog. It is an inspiring read for the fashionable and independent women of today :)

  3. Hello Ms. Tiffany. Your blog is so much inspiring and very entertaining. Like I wanted to browse it until the last page. I am a petite fashion blogger also who just started early this year, and I think you will be my role model for petite style sense. :) I will be your avid reader from now on. :)



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