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  • Chicwish Black Lace Dress and Louboutin Heels

    Updating my wedding rings with Shane Company

    This post is sponsored by Shane Company My husband and I recently celebrated our 9 year anniversary and almost every anniversary he gives me jewelry.  I usually just give him an idea of what kind of jewelry I would like (like rings or earrings) and…

  • What to wear to work during the holiday season

    What to wear to work during the holiday season

    This post in sponsored by Macy’s The holiday season is always such a crazy time with not only so much to do at work but also so many events and errands to take care of.  My calendar is completely full these days and so I’m…

  • Must Have Fashion and Tech Gifts for Dad

    Must have fashion and tech gifts for dad

    This post is sponsored by My dad can be so hard to shop for. There are a few things that I always buy for him, clothing items (usually practical, every day wear) or tech items.  I partnered with BabbleBoxx on this post to share a…

  • H20+ Beauty Bodycare

    New Scented Bodycare Favorites

    One thing I sometimes miss (that my hair doesn’t necessarily miss) is using heavily fruit-scented shampoos. When I was a kid, the stronger the artificial fruit scent, the better. But now, picking fragrances in general is an endeavor in subtlety or simplicity. Although my perfume…

  • 3 Healthy Sides You Need at Thanksgiving

    I can’t believe Thanksgiving is THIS WEEK!  It seems like whenever this time of year rolls around, we’ll be welcoming the New Year super soon!  But before you go shopping for that perfect holiday dress, let’s not forget about the most anticipated dinner party of…