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I try to update my makeup as the weather changes and as we are coming into fall, I’m still holding onto a bit of summer with bronzer and shimmery eyes but adding some darker colors and eye liner.  Just wanted to mention a few favorite products that I use every day and love.

I started using this LORAC bronzer last summer and just loved it.  It just works with my skintone and gives me a nice natural looking color.  I love the shimmer/matte sides as I can really play around with how deep of a color I want to use.  I use the matte side when I want more of a contour but I do love combining the two for a quick sweep over my face just to give it some color.

The packaging of the Too Faced Blush is what drew me in but I really do love this blush.  It’s just a hint pink-er than the bronzer so when I layer it over the top it gives my skin a nice rosy glow without being too much.

The Benefit Stay, Don’t Stray is a fab primer that I just started using. I use this both on my lids and under my eyes.  It does help keep everything in place throughout the day.  I like the wand application as I think it’s a bit easier to control the product.  The ones that I used before were tubes and I’d have to squeeze out just the right amount and I would either get too little or too much.

I mentioned the Clinique Lid Smoothie in my previous post but since I’ve been using it, I’ve been extremely pleased with how nice it works alone or layered under eyeshadow.  The combination of the primer and the Lid Smoothie has given me no creasing at all throughout the day!  I do usually use some shadow over it as I like to have a darker color at my outer corners.  I have two of the Urban Decay Naked palettes but I use the Naked 3 palette more as I like the rose gold tones.  Between the first Naked palette and this one, if you are deciding on which one to buy, I would say if your skintone is more tan/darker, to go for the first Naked Palette but if you are more pale like me, get the Naked 3 Palette.  I don’t own the Naked 2 but to me, the palette didn’t have too much of a difference from the first one so that’s why I didn’t get that one.

Sometimes I like to use gel or pencil liners but I find that those are harder to apply when you are short on time so I’ve been using pen liners and have had to go through quite a few to find this Rimmel eyeliner that I LOVE.  I’ve used the NARS pen liner for awhile but it does get pricey as I’ve had to buy a new one every other month. For some reason, mine dries out easily (do I just use it too often?) and so wanted to find a drugstore option.  Finally found this one that matches the consistency and the size and shape of the pen is pretty similar as well.  It’s great when you just want a nice thin line but it’s easy to add a bit more to make it thicker and wing it out.

I bought the Tarte Lipsurgence awhile ago on a whim but then when I got them (I ordered them online) I thought the colors were a bit too dark so put them away.  Well, I decided to try them out again recently and now I love them!  They go on like lipstick but are smooth and lightweight and not drying at all.

Still using the memebox brushes (see my review here) and I wanted to let you know that they are back on sale for 50% off!  I took them with me while traveling and they are just the perfect little set to pop in my carry on and have with me without adding too much to my bag. 

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  • Carolyn
    September 16, 2014 at 12:14 am

    ooh the Naked 3 has some really pretty rose gold looks that are intriguing.. <3