Trying on Fall Hats

Putting on a hat can feel like an afterthought to an outfit, like tossing on a scarf (unless it’s the middle of January). But take a look at any savvy street-style fashionista, and it’s clear that the perfect hat can push an outfit to the next level; in other words, really effortless style.

We took to Pinterest for some Fall outfit inspiration then put together some of our favorite hats of the season that you can shop now.

Black is the go-to option for a structured hat, but we love how colorful versions like the red one above look too. Make them your signature Fall accessory! Keep the silhouette of your clothes long and simple without too much outward volume when wearing a floppier hat. Sleek skinny jeans and a slim cut boyfriend sweater with heeled ankle boots are perfect for pairing with a dramatic wide-brimmed hat.

How do you style your favorite Fall hats?

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