8 steps to grow your instagram followers (how I gained 20,000+ followers)

8 steps to grow your instagram

I sometimes am not able to keep up with my blog but I’m usually pretty active on instagramMy sister is also the same and we agree that instagram is our favorite social media app.  And you probably know that we own t+j Designs and our business is everything to us.  We are always working on our business and finding new ways to grow it.

8 steps to grow your instagram


We really decided to grow our instagram this year based upon what we were seeing in the social media world and how it was translating to our business based on brand awareness, more visitors to our site, more customers and more sales.  As with all our business decisions, we had put together a strategy before we launched into growing our instagram accounts and found that in a short time, we had stellar results!  Before we knew it, each of our accounts (my sister’s account, my personal account and our business account) had increased by 20,000 followers in less than 6 months!

When we weren’t concentrating on it as much it took us nearly a year just to get 5,000 followers so to see this kind of growth made us very excited.  In the recent months, we’ve gotten questions from lots of people asking us about the growth of our business, the growth of our instagram accounts and just general “how did you do it” type of questions.  SO… we put our heads together and decided to write an ebook!


I do have to give credit to my good friend Tasha, who is not only an amazing coach to small business owners but who has written several very good, very informative ebooks for the small business owner.  Because of her, I’d always been interested in writing an ebook but had no idea what to write about.  We took a trip to Vegas together this summer and after a conversation about my instagram growth and what it has done for my business, she urged me to write an ebook about it.  Her motivation really pushed me to really think about pulling my thoughts down and so on the plane ride home, the first draft was done!  I sent it off to my sister and after a series of drafts and changes, we are so happy to finally be able to launch it.


This information is mainly geared towards brands and growing your business as that was the main goal of why we decided to work on our accounts.  The reason why we concentrated on our personal accounts as well as our business account is because in the four years that we have been running t+j Designs, we’ve found that our customers love getting to know us, the owners, rather than just following the brand.

UPDATE: This book was written in 2015 and instagram has updated a few things – mainly algorithm changes and how photos show up in our feeds. I have deeply discounted the price due to that fact, however most of the advice in this book is still very applicable on how to find your target audience and grow with the right followers.

8 steps to grow your Instagram followers


We’ve been able to connect with our customers on a more personal level than if we were just a brand to them.  So in doing so, our brand has grown and we found that instagram was a really great place to find our target market and connect with them there.  We often get asked how important is the personal account vs a brand account and to me, I think it really depends on your situation and your business.  Obviously I could go on and on about instagram marketing and growing your business, but that may be another ebook for another day. 🙂  Let’s move onto what is covered in this book!


We cover all of our tips and techniques about how we grew including, the exact ways on how we find our target audience, how we interact with them, how to use hashtags and also how to join loop giveaways and make them effective for you!

8 steps to grow your Instagram followers


We also wanted to include some extra info so our two bonus sections are things that many people have asked us about.  Getting sales right through our instagram account has changed things for us.  Our instagram sales make up for a big chunk of our monthly sales!  Having an easy way for customers to purchase from us without asking them leave the app has been so effective and not only creates new customers but followers who are engaged and continue to follow us just to see our next sale. We share all that knowledge of how we do it in the first bonus section.


And for those of you that are interested in joining loop giveaways – well we have the ultimate list for you!  Jen and I have participated in many loop giveaways and we’ve been in lots of great ones and also some bad ones.  We tell you what to look for, which ones are the best for you to join and we share a list of our very favorite loop giveaway hosts who are all very open to having you contact them to join their loops!


Although this is geared towards businesses, we had a few friends who read through the book all agree that a lot of the tips work really great for bloggers.  I tend to think of bloggers as a brand anyway, so a lot of the tips really do apply.  You may not have a physical product to sell but bloggers are definitely brands themselves so even if you don’t own a business but want to increase your instagram following, this ebook will still apply to you!

An important thing I wanted to mention is that this ebook is recommended for those of you that already have accounts and are familiar with instagram.  If you are brand new to instagram this may not be the best ebook for you but will be great after you have established your account and have gotten a feel of how it all works.


If you want to learn how to make money blogging, I also wrote an ebook covering the best list of influencer networks that will pay you to post!

And here for more tips on how to grow your blog and make money online!

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