Sneaker Style: From Gym to Brunch

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How to wear sneakers from the gym to every day casual

I have admit, I was not into the whole athleisure trend when it first came out.  I don’t tend to wear my gym clothes outside of the gym, but recently I’ve been finding pieces that I feel comfortable to work into both my gym and regular wardrobes.  Sneakers, however have been my favorite to add to both wardrobes.  Since spring, for me, is all about enjoying this gorgeous weather after many months of gray and rain, I need shoes that will be cute and comfy whenever we go out. I partnered with Famous Footwear on this post as they always have a great selection of shoes that are stylish and affordable.  If you know my husband, you’ll know that he’s a major sneaker guy and Nike’s are pretty much all he owns.  So anytime I shop for sneakers, Nike is pretty much the brand that I go to as well.  These Nike Tanjun sneakers are not only lightweight and perfect to work out in but the color and style are so cute to wear with all my casual outfits too!  Almost every weekend, my husband and I take my daughter to brunch with friends and then we head to the park or playground.  I need a good shoe to withstand all the walking/running that we do but I also like to stay stylish even in my “mom” outfits which is why I love these shoes!  

You can usually find me headed to the gym in this outfit but since it’s been nicer out, I’ve been really loving going on some short runs around the park.  It’s great to wake up in the morning and be able to get a quick run in before everyone else wakes up and I have some peace and quiet to myself.  
Workout style: Nike and Mesh LeggingsWorkout style: Nike and Mesh Leggings

 Workout style: Nike and Mesh LeggingsWorkout style: Nike and Mesh Leggings

And this is a typical weekend brunch look for me.  It’s still fun and casual but you don’t have to feel like you need to pair sneakers with everything you wear to the gym.  The bomber jacket and white jeans make it feel very on trend and of course pairing it with sneakers ensures that I’ll be comfy all day long!

Sneakers Style: Bomber Jacket and Nike SneakersSneakers Style: Bomber Jacket and Nike Sneakers

BOMBER (similar) || TEE || JEANS || SHOES || BAG
How to wear sneakers and look cute

Sneaker Style: Gym to Every Day Casual

From someone who used to solely wear heels, I’ve full embraced the sneaker trend and now I hope it never goes away!  I love that brands are coming up with styles that are not just about function but fashionable as well.

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  • Ivana S.
    May 31, 2017 at 9:47 pm

    These sneakers are very comfortable and modern :))