The Beauty Oils You Need Right Now

How to Use Beauty Oils

How to Use Beauty Oils

With my combination-oily skin type, venturing into the realm of beauty oils was a totally unexpected move. But since every trusted resource I turned to reassured me that I too, with my mid-day shine, could reap the benefits of facial oils, I had to give them a try. This was two years ago, and since then I haven’t looked back. If you haven’t caught onto beauty oils yet, you absolutely have to give them a go. Frankly, there’s no better time like now when the seasons are transitioning and your skin needs some extra TLC.

The only catch to incorporating beauty oils into your skincare routine is that there’s a slight learning curve. Don’t give up on them until you figure out:

1) At which step in your routine to massage them in

2) Which beauty oils to use for which purpose

Let me share some of my tips and my current arsenal of beauty oils after the jump!

Leland Francis Luxe Face Oil – Among beauty oils, this one is a fantastically fragrant one with a thicker texture. It’s the kind of face oil that is too rich for everyday use for my combination-oily skin (although it may work wonders on perpetually-dry types). Instead, this oil works better as a “treatment” product. After applying a detox mask or doing a peel, I reach for this to soothe my fresh, raw skin. I might combine it with an eye cream, but for the most part, this oil does best worn alone overnight for truly glowy skin the next morning.

Dr. Jackson’s Everyday Oil – Light and clean might not be typical descriptors for beauty oils, but this one really is and I think it’s because of the thinner/more-slippery texture. This oil is intended for clearing up problem skin, and I can see how the light formula really helps the skin from over-drying from typical acne medication like salicylic acid and keeps sebum production at normal levels. I like to apply at night after serum and before a light night cream, but this is one oil that would also work for day under makeup. Just give it enough time to absorb. Lastly, the packaging and the formula really make this a unisex product. Hide it from (or gift it to) your SOs!

Acure Organics Moroccan Argan Oil – Remember when argan oil was in every hair product? This organic version smells amazing and works really well as a blowout serum for managing dry, damaged hair before heat styling. When it comes to single-note beauty oils, I usually reserve them for non-facial use since I find that blended oils (like the two above) perform better for my facial skin. But don’t be afraid to give pure oils on the face a try! This one is organic too, so you have a purer form to test out.

Dr Jackson’s Coconut Melt – Coconut oil is the best for its multi-purpose quality. This one is especially melty, which is perfect for really working into dry skin. I highly recommend coconut oil for the body. I keep this one in the shower so that the heat from while I’m showering warms the oil up in the pot. That way, I can just apply straight after toweling off for maximum moisture.

Now that you’ve got your fix of beauty oils knowledge, see my ten-step skincare tips and recommendations here for next-level glowy skin.

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