3 ways to stay stylish for football games

Mommy and Daughter Seattle Seahawks style

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Cute football season style for moms

Living in Seattle, you can’t escape the love for football around here, especially the Seahawks.  Once football season starts, I will walk out the door and immediately see Seahawks jerseys on everyone. I admit, I’m not the biggest football fan and I usually go to games or football parties to spend time with friends. However, the fashionista in me also wants to make sure that I fit in with the football crowd as well as stay stylish.  Here are 3 ways to stay stylish for football games!

Mommy and Daughter Seattle Seahawks style


Along with buying clothes in the colors of your team, I do love adding jerseys to my outfits.  I can’t really justify the need to buy a jersey which is why I love Rep the Squad!  It’s a new subscription service where you can rent your jersey, wear it and then send it back to get a new one sent to you! They’ll even wash it for you so you don’t even have to worry about doing the laundry before sending it back. They have a ton of styles, colors, players, etc… so you have tons of options to choose from! You can also cancel at any time – so no big commitments!

My daughter loves to dress like mommy and to be honest, I love it too, but for the most part, I don’t dress us exactly the same, on occasion I do love to be matchy matchy and football games is a good time for that!  Rep the Squad also has kid’s jerseys which you can subscribe to as well.  I love how practical this is, rather than spending a lot of money on a jersey that they will end up growing out of, you can just continue getting them new jerseys and picking the size that they need!

Head on over to Rep the Squad to check out the selection and if you use the code STYLISH you get 50% off your first month’s subscription!

Mommy and me football style


Most often, clothing related to sports like tees, jerseys, sweatshirts all tend to run big so I like to size down to ensure that I get a more fitted and feminine look which is more my style.  I’m actually wearing a kid’s XL jersey here and found that it was a great fit, especially tucked into my jeans.    Gameday style for mommy and me


It would be cute to find shoes in the color of your team but I don’t really know if I have any other reason to buy blue or green shoes which is why I love the rose gold sneakers that I chose to wear with this outfit. It’s still casual and goes along with the sporty outfit but it’s also fun and girly and just my style!  You don’t have to wear sneakers, you can even go with cute boots or flats.  I find that you can always add personality to your outfit with your shoes!

Seattle Seahawks Kids Styles

And of course, have fun with your look!  I love football fans and how loyal they are to their teams.  I love seeing the crazy fun fashions at football games so feel free to add your own twist!

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