The Secret to Finding the Perfect Jeans (for girls with short legs)

The secret to finding the perfect jeans for girls with short legs

As a girl with a short waist and short legs, it’s always hard to find jeans that fit.  I often try on jeans at the store and think they are great but the moment I bring them home I can’t seem to figure out why I liked them at the store.  I went on a major jean hunting spree and finally have a little jeans wardrobe that I love.  Wanted to share my favorite styles and my secret to finding the perfect jeans!

The Perfect Jeans for Short Legs

The Secret to Finding the Perfect Jeans

  1. Know your measurements.  I finally stopped just looking at the size and actually reading the measurements when buying jeans online. Waist measurements, inseams, leg opening and rise measurements are super important to know and what works best for your body. Sizing can change from brand to brand and sometimes even from style to style so I pay close attention to what the size chart and the measurements listed online say before I order.
  2. Read the reviews.  Not every site has customer reviews but my two favorite stores to shop, Nordstrom and Amazon have customer reviews that you can get a lot of information from if you take the time to read through them. I make note of what people say about the fit, if they mention their body type and also I like when they talk about quality and shrinking.  It’s amazing how detailed some reviewers are and I truly appreciate that!
  3. Have variety in your wardrobe.  I’m not just talking about washes and colors.  I previously just stuck with the same type of skinny jeans and just bought them in a bunch of different colors. I finally realized that there are so many styles that can flatter your body type and also work with the different type of tops that you are wearing.  Now I can truly appreciate everything from low rise to high waisted to “mom jeans” and “boyfriend jeans”
  4. Keep an open mind.  Not all styles will work for your body type.  I refused to wear boyfriend jeans for the longest time as the ones that I tried on were super baggy, too long and made me look even shorter.  But then I found that you can find hybrid kinds where you can find a slim boyfriend style or even a high waisted straight leg jean that ended up being way more flattering on then I expected.


Like I mentioned previously, I finally have a denim wardrobe that I’m happy with so I wanted to share my favorite styles on what I’ve found to be the best jeans for petite ladies, especially those of us with short legs.

None of the jeans I’m wearing below had to be altered which is one of the main criteria I look for in buying denim.  I used to spend way too much time and money getting my jeans hemmed and ended up hating some of the jeans after they got hemmed. Now, I don’t want to deal with that so I’m always happy to find jeans that work for girls with short legs.

Dark Low Rise Skinny Jeans

These are my go-to’s that I’ve owned for years and actually have a few pairs.  You can find them in several of my outfit posts and on my instagram because I wear them all the time!  It’s just the perfect skinny jean as it’s low rise but not too low and the denim is a great dark but not too dark so it goes with everything and every season.  It’s just the perfect jean for everyone really!  I tend to roll them up once or twice depending on what shoes I wear. I love how easily they do adapt to my shoes and it doesn’t look strange if they are rolled up.

The secret to finding the perfect jeans for girls with short legs

High Waisted Distressed Skinny Jeans

I’m all about the high waisted jeans this season and I’ve found that they are way more flattering on then I expected.  It actually helps elongate my legs which I didn’t expect!  I have a very short torso and am a little bit pudgy in the middle compared to the rest of my body so I absolutely hate highlighting that part of my body.  However, I’ve found that tucking in a slim top like this into a high waisted jeans really helps to create a longer torso and legs.  I admit that the lighting, along with how these are shot are not the most flattering pics but trust me, they really are a cute jean on!

Tips to find the perfect jeans for petite girls

Dark High Waisted Raw Hem Jeans

Another great high waisted jean that I love.  Another bonus of these jeans are the raw hem.  I love that they are in style because it helps us shorties out!  I’m always struggling with the hem of my jeans, whether I should roll them up, get them altered or how to make them best work for my legs. I’ve found that the raw hems just look great because they are the most natural and they easily fit with your shoes.  I just got introduced to Parker Smith, but after wearing these a ton, I’m a huge fan of the brand now!

Another tip that I didn’t mention above, is I always look at the model in the photo and see where the hem falls on them.  If it looks a bit short and high on their ankles, then I know it’s going to fit my legs without having to get them altered.

Tips to find the perfect jeans for petite girls

Light Wash Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

I wear these when I just want to throw on a tee or sweatshirt. They look great with heels or my fave sneakers and the best part? They are SO inexpensive. American Eagle is my go-to for inexpensive but great quality jeans.  It is a brand for teenagers so you will find some styles that are for the much younger crowd, but it’s not hard to find some great styles that can work for us and mostly under $50. Plus they are always running denim specials like the one right now for buy one, get one 50% off on jeans.

Finding the perfect jeans for petite girls

Distressed High Waisted Mom Jeans

Trust me when I say I definitely did not want to try on “mom jeans”.  I just hated the idea of a high waisted, tapered leg on me but once I tried these on, I knew that I had to have them.  I did roll them up twice to make them fit my legs more but I liked the casual fit that it gave them. They are also really comfortable!

The secret to finding the perfect jeans for girls with short legs

Embroidered High Waisted Skinny Jeans

Embroidery is such a huge trend this season and I was excited to see it pop up on jeans!  I’m hoping that with the dark wash on these and the pretty rose embroidery, it’s still a classic look so I won’t be sick of them next year. For now, they are one of my faves when I want to dress my jeans up!

These are not as high waisted as the ones that I’m wearing at the top of this post but still a bit higher than a regular rise jean.  These are also what they call a “curvy skinny” jean which gave it a bit more room in the hips.  I love that jean brands are taking in all body types into consideration and giving us such great options!  I’ve always been a fan of True Religion jeans, they always take such great attention to the details and fit.  Definitely one of my top jean brands that I love!

Tips to find the perfect jeans for petite girls

I hope my jeans guide is a bit helpful in helping you find the perfect pair of jeans!

Disclaimer: True Religion and Parker Smith provided jeans for consideration however this post was not sponsored or compensated by the respective companies. This post contains affiliate links where I may make a small commission if you decide to purchase from the link. 

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