Updating my wedding rings with Shane Company

Chicwish Black Lace Dress and Louboutin Heels

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My husband and I recently celebrated our 9 year anniversary and almost every anniversary he gives me jewelry.  I usually just give him an idea of what kind of jewelry I would like (like rings or earrings) and he takes care of the rest!  He really puts a lot of thought into picking out each piece just like he did with my engagement ring. I truly love the thought behind each of them.   The jewelry he has given me over the years always carries way more sentiment and memories than any other gift that he has gotten me.

My new wedding bandsMommy and me holiday party outfitsChicwish Black Lace Dress and Louboutin Heels


Last year, we updated my engagement ring to a new setting and this year I requested a new wedding band.  I still wanted to wear my band, but I just wanted an update to my wedding set.  We were engaged for about a year and we’ve been married 9, so I’ve been wearing the same rings for 10 years.  As someone who loves fashion and changing my style/outfits, I felt like it was time to update my wedding rings.  Of course there’s so much sentimental value behind my wedding set which is why I waited quite awhile before updating my rings.

How to update your wedding ringsChicwish Black Lace Dress and Louboutin Heels


This year, he brought our daughter to help him choose the gift and I adore the thought of the two of them together looking through rings and picking out which one they thought would be perfect for me. I’m absolutely obsessed with the band that he chose.  My engagement set is platinum but knowing how much I love rose gold, he went with a rose gold band with diamonds and it could not be any more perfect.  I love the halo set diamonds too, he truly could not have picked out a better ring for me.

Mommy and me holiday party outfits

Chicwish Black Lace Dress and Louboutin Heels

What I really love about the ring, is that I can mix and match with my current set and change up the rings to go with what I’m wearing that day.  I don’t always wear my engagement ring especially if I’m headed to yoga or an activity with my daughter where I need to be hands on.  I love that I can wear this band and it looks great with our without my engagement ring.  I also just wear it on my right hand so I am loving the versatility and how I can wear it with all my outfits!

How to update your wedding rings

I love to wear the new band with my original band which is a simple diamond band.  I think they go perfectly together and wearing them both represents the past 9 years that we’ve been married paired with our life together now with our daughter and what the future holds for us.  A new band is such a great way to update your wedding set.  I love to mix metals and I think the rose gold with the platinum look so pretty together.  It is a bit unexpected but a great way to update and modernize your wedding rings.

Chicwish Black Lace Dress and Louboutin Heels

We were headed out to our anniversary dinner and I loved pairing the ring with the black lace dress as it just looked so classic and elegant together.  One of my favorite things in the world is to take photos with my daughter (and my husband too, but he’s usually the one behind the camera) She also loves to dress up and take photos with mommy so it’s always a fun time when we take pictures.

Mommy and me holiday party outfitsMommy and me holiday party outfits

We got my new engagement ring setting at Shane Company last year and I was thrilled to get to work with them this year.  I love the service there and they truly have an amazing selection of all types of jewelry.  I’ve already got my eye on a few things and have sent some ideas to my husband in case he needs some ideas for my Christmas gift!

How to update your wedding rings

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