Stylish Winter Outfits for Mommy and Daughter

Mom and daughter stylish winter outfits

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Mommy and Me Stylish Winter Outfits    stylish mommy and me winter looks

I’m always looking for stylish winter outfits inspiration for my daughter and I.  Sometimes it can be so hard to pull together cute outfits during the winter, but most importantly I want my daughter and I to be warm and dry.  We recently got some new boots and we were excited to test them out!

what to wear in the winter for mom and daughter

Living in Seattle, we do get snow occasionally but we mostly deal with a lot of rain and wind.  So, every winter I make sure that both my daughter and I have a very warm coat and rain-proof boots. The first place I go to for both me and my daughters boots is Zappos!  I just love the variety and that I can shop for both of us (and my husband) all in one spot, along with the free shipping and the super easy return policy.    I am obsessed with these Kamik lace up boots. They are so warm and comfy!  I tested them in the rain and they held up nicely! My feet stayed so toasty and dry.  I also love how stylish they are and are so easy to wear with my skinny jeans or leggings.  I went by the reviews and went up a full size and they are a perfect fit with socks.

Stylish rainboots for winter

What child doesn’t love splashing in puddles?  My child definitely does!  When I showed her these cute Kamik rain boots with the pink bottoms, she was so excited she wanted to put them on immediately!  I was happy with how they felt, they were a nice weight, not too heavy but just enough to know that they would keep her protected in the rain or snow. And they fit her perfectly (we stayed true to size) and were so easy to put on.  Nothing worse than when you are running out the door and struggling to get your child’s shoes on right?

5 Tips for the perfect winter outfit:

The best all weather boots for mommy and me


It’s so easy to get in a rut and just keep wearing the same pair of shoes over and over again in the winter. Especially with my daughter as sometimes we are just in a rush to get out the door and I don’t want to sit there and think about the weather and what shoes will work with it.  I don’t like to have her wear the same shoes day after day as she does so much running and playing at her school. I just find that they get worn out so easily if she wears the same pair too often, so I always get her a few pairs that will last her through the season and I’m always happy to find a reasonably priced rain boot like these.

For myself, I have always loved the standard tall rain boots but I can’t wear them all the time so I love that I have more options for rainy days and that these keep my feet a lot warmer.  I love all the styles that Kamik offers for both me and my daughter. They have tons of options for rain and snow.  I’m already eyeing a few other styles for us!

What to wear in the winter and stay stylish


I prefer jackets that have a warm lining, plenty of pockets (you’ll need them for those mittens that always get taken off!) and a hood to help keep you warm.  My daughter’s jacket has built in thumb holes which I thought were such a great idea for kid’s jackets! She thought it was the neatest thing and loved being able to put her little thumb through.

Mom and daughter stylish winter outfits


It’s the worst when you are bundled for the cold and then the moment you step inside the heat is on and suddenly you are uncomfortably hot!  I always start with a tee shirt for my daughter as inevitably she will complain about being too hot. She is much like her daddy and runs warm all the time, but I am always cold so I end up bundling her up more than she’d probably like!  I love layering sweaters and vests so that your body stays warm but the vest is easy to take off if you end up being too cold. The vest is also great underneath coats in case you need that extra bit of warmth and it doesn’t create too much bulk.

Cute winter looks for mommy and me


Hats, scarves, mittens, gloves, ear muffs, headbands, etc… there’s so many winter accessories you can add!  I usually stick with something that can cover my head and my hands, like a hat and gloves or scarf and gloves.  Because the more accessories you add, the more you have to take off and have the potential of losing!  And then with a 4 year old, I’m the one that’s going to end up holding all of her stuff so I try not to overload both of us with too much stuff.

the best rain boots for winter for mom and daughter


Sometimes it just isn’t enough and it’s still so cold. I have a few things that I love to add more warmth like fleece lined leggings, fleece socks (I wear them all the way up to my knees!) and fur lined gloves.  Oh and fingerless gloves with the mittens attached at the end are some of the best inventions for mom and daughter!  It keeps your hands so warm but you’re also able to use your fingers easily when needed.

Need more winter outfit ideas?  Check out these Winter Style Inspirations! And more Mommy and Me Style inspirations!

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  • Heidi
    November 1, 2017 at 5:56 am

    Cute outfits on cute girls that look to be having a great time together. Love it!