Skincare Essentials: Best of Winter Masks

Best of Winter Masks

Best Winter Masks

Masking has made such a big difference in my beauty routine, and it’s a step I prioritize once a week. When it comes to Winter masks, I used to think that hydration was the most important concern. But I learned over time that it’s a combination of exfoliation (to reveal baby-fresh skin) and moisture that will really produce glowy results, even in the dead of Winter. This season I’ve got my masking routine down to a science. Here are the three of the best Winter masks for skin that I’ve found, plus a bonus one for hair.

Best of Winter Masks

Ursa Major Bright & Easy 3-Minute Flash Mask

I usually mask on the weekends, since it’s a bit of a time commitment. But this product makes weekday masking very doable since it only needs to be worn for a few minutes. The addition of hyaluronic acid to the exfoliating enzymes ensures that it’s not too rough and helps introduce moisture back to your skin.

June Jacobs Perfect Pumpkin Peeling Enzyme Masque

This is another enzyme mask that has a tingly effect, so I use it only once a week. The recommended usage time is 3 to 10 minutes, depending on skin sensitivity, and I found that my skin seems to reap the most benefits at around the 5 minute mark. It’s a strong mask, so applying a moisturizing mask afterwards (like the one below) works great. Also, the pumpkin scent is delicious!

June Jacobs Age Defying Ultimate Overnight Copper Marine Masque

Even though this mask is targeted as an anti-aging treatment, it’s so perfect as a winter mask, because you leave it on overnight (just a thin layer) and it plumps up your skin overnight thanks to collagen and algae. Skin can look more dull in the winter when it’s losing moisture to the cold, so this is an easy solution to combat tired-looking skin.

Iles Formula Haute Performance Hair Mask

I like that this mask only needs 15 minutes to work (rather than the half hour most hair masks seem to require) so you can stay in the shower and exfoliate or shave while it’s working. It smells divine and is ultra thick so you feel like it’s extra effective. I only apply to the bottom half of my hair (avoid the roots), because it’s so rich and the hair near your scalp doesn’t quite need this treatment.

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