Plant-Based Products to Update Your Hair Routine

Playa Haircare Review

Playa Haircare Review

When you’re trying to deal with a specific hair issue like frizz or lack of volume, it’s an instinctive response to beeline for the most extreme products that guarantee some kind of gravity-defying control over your hair. But for everyday, who has time for a long hair routine? For me, working with your hair’s natural characteristics goes hand-in-hand with using more natural products. When it comes to a plant-based hair routine, start out with some basic products. Then you can reserve the extra-strength aerosol hairspray for emergency situations only.

Playa Pure Dry Shampoo

Yes, dry shampoo is totally a haircare staple and has been since the early 2000s. This version is less powdery-looking than most varieties and has a light rose scent that will help refresh week-old hair.

Playa Ritual Hair Oil

This hair oil smells bright like summer, probably due to the sunflower and apricot oils. Ever since I started using oils before applying heat to my hair, I can’t imagine a hair routine without them. With the addition of heat, I find that the oils really add shine and also help counteract heat damage. The packaging of this oil is so pretty too with its pipette-style applicator.

Acure Organics Haircare

Acure Organics Ultra-Hydrating Shampoo and Acure Organics Ultra-Hydrating Conditioner

Don’t you just hate when a shampoo is too liquid-y, runs between your fingers, and doesn’t actually get worked into your hair? What I really love about this shampoo is its thick texture. Since I have a lot of hair, I really appreciated that the formula could lather up and stand up to my thick hair. The conditioner is the same but creamy too. A perfect duo!

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