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AmazonFresh Seattle Review

This post is sponsored by AmazonFresh.  All opinions are my own. I use affiliate links in this post which means I may make a small commission if you purchase something using my links.  Thank you for your support!

I have been a fan of AmazonFresh for awhile now, grocery shopping without leaving the house?  Um yes, sign me up.  Living in Seattle, we are pretty lucky as we are usually the first to get Amazon’s newest concepts and I have been using this one since it started!  Last weekend I was invited by AmazonFresh who paid for a fun girl’s weekend with a few other bloggers and to be honest, I was a bit nervous.  I mean, I always love a girl’s weekend but this would be the first time that most of us had met and that’s always a bit nerve wracking to meet new people AND spend 3 full days with them!  But, thanks to AmazonFresh and the awesome ladies on the trip, it literally was the best weekend ever. Even though I am a Seattleite and very familiar with Seattle living, I loved this little staycation as you don’t often get to be a tourist in your own city!

AmazonFresh for moms


First I have to mention the other girls on the trip as they made it such a fun time. We all got along so well that we’re hoping to plan another trip soon!

Portia from Obsessed by Portia is another local who lives about an hour outside of Seattle.  She covers lifestyle and travel and is a mommy to two adorable girls.  I’ve met Portia a few times at Seattle events and it was so fun getting to know her more on this trip.

Jessica from Happily Hughes is a fitness and travel blogger who has traveled to some fun destinations with her two little ones.  I hope to travel more with my daughter and husband this year so I’ve definitely bookmarked some of the places she has stayed at to visit.

Jackie from Gluten Free Follow Me is so knowledgeable about food, I love it!  Her site is amazing if you have any dietary restrictions, it’s a must see if you plan on traveling and want to find a good restaurant that can fit your needs.  She mostly covers gluten free but I try to stay away from dairy and I was able to find a ton of great restaurants that she listed as dairy free.  I love her instagram and follow her for all the yummy food posts!

AmazonFresh Seattle Delivery Review


The AmazonFresh team set us up in a fabulous airbnb in Queen Anne.  If you are visiting, it’s a great spot to stay in as it’s close enough to downtown but also a great location close enough to all the cute shops and restaurants in Queen Anne, Magnolia and Fremont.

AmazonFresh Delivery Review

AmazonFresh Seattle Review

The fridge and snacks were all fully stocked, all from AmazonFresh (of course!) and I was so happy with all the yummy and healthy options. I love how they also set up an Echo for us to use.  We had music playing at all times!  (If you are a long time blog reader you know I love my Echo!)




Because we were staying in the Airbnb, we utilized AmazonFresh quite a few times and honestly, not having to worry about getting in the car, taking the time to shop for everything and then coming home and unpacking everything was the best thing ever.  It allowed us to have time to do so much and not have to worry about what food we needed for meals and snacks.  At one point, we were out exploring Pike Place (more on that later!) and we got on the Amazon App and ordered wine for dinner that night!  It was so easy and sure enough, we got home and the delivery came and we were set for wine for the night!

I love the AmazonFresh delivery which for a monthly membership fee of $14.99/month you get unlimited deliveries straight to your doorstep for all orders $50 or more.  I always order my groceries the night before, set a time for when I know I’ll be home and the next day, I have groceries for my dinner that night!  I also love the pickup option (it’s FREE for Amazon Prime members!)

On Saturday night, the four of us were each making a dish for dinner.  Earlier in the day, we had put in an AmazonFresh order and we went to the Sodo location (which I personally use all the time) and got to scan and pick up our own order!  How fun right?

AmazonFresh Seattle Pickup

AmazonFresh Pick Up

I love AmazonFresh for the produce and they in fact, guarantee the freshness of its products. You can order from a wide range of groceries including fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, baked goods, and dairy.  Personally, whenever I have ordered fruits and vegetables from AmazonFresh, I’ve always been happy with how fresh everything was.  We got to tour the entire warehouse, which was huge! But we all loved the produce section!

AmazonFresh Seattle Pickup


We got to pick and scan our order and I love how detailed their system is to make sure that we picked up everything that was ordered and that it was correct.   It’s also great that you can order more than just your food items! AmazonFresh offers pet supplies, baby items, beauty products, meal kits, and foods made exclusively for AmazonFresh customers.  I mean, everything you need from the grocery store, you can get delivered.  It’s a busy mom’s dream come true!

I know how annoying it can be to drag your child to the grocery store, especially after picking her up from school when she’s tired and a bit cranky and the grocery store is jam packed with people.  I mean, even getting her in and out of the car seat can be an ordeal so even if I don’t schedule a delivery, the pickup option is amazing as they can get your order ready in 15 minutes!

AmazonFresh Seattle Pickup


For our dishes, we didn’t plan it, but we all made dishes that went really well with each other!  I made a Salmon Quinoa Bowl, Portia made Cranberry Orange Quinoa Salad, Jackie made Spaghetti Squash Boats and Avocado Chocolate Cookies (click to get her recipe!) and Jessica made Greek Meatballs with Avocado Tzatziki.  Everything was SO good and all the ingredients were from AmazonFresh!

Healthy eats - salon quinoa bowl

Here’s the easy recipe for my dish!  I cook this dish for my husband and I all the time just because how fast and delicious it is.

Salmon Quinoa Bowls



  1. Pan fry the salmon patties.  Once they are cooked through, set aside. Once cool, cut into smaller pieces.
  2. Cook the Quinoa following the directions on the package.  I like to cook the quinoa in chicken broth for additional flavor but we had a pescatarian in the group so I wanted to make sure that she could eat it too so I cooked the quinoa in water and it was fine!
  3. Stir fry the bell peppers with some crushed garlic.
  4.  Mix all the above ingredients together.  Add salt, pepper and goddess dressing to your taste.
  5.  Once the mixed items have cooled down, add the fresh spinach and mix.
  6. Add more dressing as needed!


Healthy meal ideas with Amazon Fresh

I had the best weekend and we did so much more around Seattle which I will be recapping in another post!  I’ll be sharing all the great restaurants we ate at over the weekend and some of the best spots in Pike Place that I love going to.

AmazonFresh Seattle Review

Free AmazonFresh Trial

If you are a busy mom like I am, I highly recommend you trying out AmazonFresh if you haven’t yet. Get your FREE AmazonFresh Trial to see if you like it!  If you are in the Seattle area, try out the pickup, it’s free if you are a prime member.  I guarantee it will change your life especially when work or mom duties make you so busy and the last thing you want to do is to spend an hour at the grocery store!

AmazonFresh Seattle Review



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