What to buy for out of town guests: Seattle Gift Ideas

Best Seattle Gift Ideas

This post is sponsored by Bartell Drugs.  All opinions are my own.

One of my favorite things to do for out of town guests is to give them a gift basket of local food and products.  Personally when I travel, I love looking for things that are specific to the city as I know I won’t be able to find it anywhere else, so I hope to show my guests all the great things that are made in the Pacific Northwest.  And not only that I’m obsessed with all these brands so it’s not that hard to pull together a great basket made up of all my favorite things as well.  And my favorite place to shop for all these is Bartell Drugs.  I am there at least once a week picking up daily essentials but then when I’m there I love to shop and browse all the great products that they have.

Best Seattle Gift Ideas

Pacifica is one of my favorite beauty brands.  Did you know that they are 100% vegan and cruelty free? I love their makeup but especially love their lotions.  All their scents smell amazing, I haven’t found one that I didn’t like.  They all make you think of a warm tropical destination.  The hand creams were on sale so I may have grabbed a few extra for myself 🙂 But I always have hand cream in my bags so I wanted to make sure that my guests could add it to their bag too.  The weather here can be so windy and cold so hands get dry so fast.  Moon Valley Organics has really unique products including the lotion bar.  it looks like soap but it’s lotion!  So it’s an easy and mess free way to use lotion.  It’s amazing for cuticles!  And I love that all the packaging is recyclable.

Pacifica Lotions Gift Basket Ideas

The chocolate! You can’t have a Seattle gift basket without some chocolate!  Theo and Seattle Chocolates are my favorite chocolates.  They not only taste great but have such fun and different flavors. I mean Birthday Cake Batter?  Yes, please!

Seattle and Theo Chocolates - Gift Basket Idea

I may be biased but Tim’s is the best chips around.  And I’ve tried a lot of chips but nothing compares to the texture and flavor.  My favorite flavor of all time is their Jalepeno chips.  No other chips even compare.  If you love spicy and love jalepeno, you have to give it a try.  You will crave them long after you’ve finished the bag!  My daughter loves Erin’s popcorn and I love that it’s always easy to get a bag for her at the store and she can munch on it in the car.  My husband eyed the Oberto jerky when I brought them home and I had to be clear that those weren’t for him!  But yes, even I love the Oberto beef jerky and I should have bought more!

Best Seattle Gift Ideas

I’ve got a great giveaway on my instagram,  head on over to enter a $100 Bartell Drugs Giftcard! Super easy to enter! I’ll choose a winner next week.

Best Seattle Gift Ideas

If you shop at Bartell Drugs you will notice that they have labels on their shelves that indicate which one are local products which I think is really neat!  For those of you in the Seattle area, make sure to check out all the local products they carry.  If you are planning on visiting, it’s a great place to stock up on Pacific Northwest products that aren’t your usual touristy gift items!  Just head to the store locator to find the one nearest you!

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