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  • Best of Winter Masks

    Skincare Essentials: Best of Winter Masks

    Masking has made such a big difference in my beauty routine, and it’s a step I prioritize once a week. When it comes to Winter masks, I used to think that hydration was the most important concern. But I learned over time that it’s a…

  • Playa Haircare Review

    Plant-Based Products to Update Your Hair Routine

    When you’re trying to deal with a specific hair issue like frizz or lack of volume, it’s an instinctive response to beeline for the most extreme products that guarantee some kind of gravity-defying control over your hair. But for everyday, who has time for a…

  • Holiday Gift Guide for Beauty

    Beauty Holiday Gift Guide

    It’s the season for holiday gift guides, which happen to be one of my favorite kind of articles to read. I used to source my inspiration for gift ideas from magazines, but seeing gift guides on blogs have the added benefit of being clickable so…

  • H20+ Beauty Bodycare

    New Scented Bodycare Favorites

    One thing I sometimes miss (that my hair doesn’t necessarily miss) is using heavily fruit-scented shampoos. When I was a kid, the stronger the artificial fruit scent, the better. But now, picking fragrances in general is an endeavor in subtlety or simplicity. Although my perfume…

  • True Botanicals Review

    How to Get the Most Out of a Hydrating Serum

    Previously, I wrote about some of my favorite serums for specific skincare concerns that come from everyday life scenarios (see article here). However, addressing skincare concerns seasonally is also a good way to approach the serum game. For Winter, you’ll want a hydrating serum. But…

  • Wavy Curls Hair Tutorial

    Step-by-Step Glam Wavy Hair Tutorial

    Basically, I have two everyday hair looks: wavy (via a curling iron) or natural (wavy-straight texture). When I really want to step up my hair game for a special occasion, I pull out a flat iron for what I call my “glam wavy hair” style.…