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  • 10 ways to style jeans a t-shirt

    10 ways to style: T-shirt & Jeans

    I’m a fan of t-shirt and jeans for all seasons.  And especially cute graphic tees that can be a fun conversation starter!  Here’s 10 ways to style a t-shirt and jeans and if you love any of the tees or thinking of gift ideas, go…

  • Mommy and Daughter Seattle Seahawks style

    3 ways to stay stylish for football games

    This post is sponsored by Rep the Squad. Sport the Seattle Seahawks (and much more) using subscription-based jersey club Rep the Squad. Sign up now using the code STYLISH and get 50% off your first month’s subscription! Living in Seattle, you can’t escape the love…

  • Wavy Curls Hair Tutorial

    Step-by-Step Glam Wavy Hair Tutorial

    Basically, I have two everyday hair looks: wavy (via a curling iron) or natural (wavy-straight texture). When I really want to step up my hair game for a special occasion, I pull out a flat iron for what I call my “glam wavy hair” style.…

  • Mom and daughter stylish winter outfits

    Stylish Winter Outfits for Mommy and Daughter

    This post is sponsored by Zappos     I’m always looking for stylish winter outfits inspiration for my daughter and I.  Sometimes it can be so hard to pull together cute outfits during the winter, but most importantly I want my daughter and I to be…

  • Best Serums for Fall

    3 Serums for Everyday Scenarios

    “Serum” is one of those skincare terms that is so ubiquitous in product labeling that it almost doesn’t mean anything. We all know that we’re supposed to be using one, but it can be confusing to pick one to address our immediate skin concerns. I…